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May 7, 2015


Jay came to us wanting to finally complete a build he had begun back in highschool with his father.  The car came in half-assembled, with the engine in boxes, and dreams on the shelf.   After inspecting the car and discussing Jay's goals, we discovered a major problem:  the rear end was way out of alignment.  One wheel was significantly pushed back.  Upon further inspection, it became apparent that she had been hit at some point, over 20 years ago.. and unfortunatley hacked back together.  Instead of straightening the frame, someone had lengthened one side in the front, so that the front end...

April 24, 2015


Today, we deliver a newly-aquired 72 C10 back to owner Chris, after a complete suspension and steering overhaul.  We elected to use a full Ridetech suspension upgrade, upper and lower tubular control arms, drop spindles, rear tubular trailing arms, crossmembers, and Shockwave air bags.   Additionally, we chose Accuair's eLevel air management for its simplicity and reliability. 


The goal was to have a usable, daily-drivable truck that retained its full bed, and rode comfortably.    There is no denying that Ridetech's Shockwaves are the best in the industry for ride quality...

July 18, 2014


This C10 has come a long way from when it was uncautiously purchased on eBay.  Instant regret was the first phrase that came to mind as it was delivered.  Another case of gross missrepresentation on the part of a scrupulous seller.  Bryan almost put it back up for sale the day it came in, but decided he couldn't leave the lost sole alone.  


The truck suffered from a loud engine knock, slipping 700R4, and a world-class rats nest of a wiring harness.  The bed had been hacked up and partially filled with welded-in diamond plating, and the fuel tank was welded in place from...

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