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What Are The Benefits Of Indoor Classic Car Storage?

Everyone knows that leaving their belongings out in the rain, snow, or scorching heat is an excellent way to ruin them. And yet, many classic car enthusiasts will spend a fortune on restoration and repainting, only to then refuse to pay the cost of car storage.

Unfortunately, just because we can't pick up our classic cars and bring them inside doesn't mean they're immune to the weather's damaging effects. Unless you have a top-notch garage, paying for a professional, long-standing classic car storage service in California is a must if you want your expensive restoration job to survive its first winter.

In this article, we'll explain why storing a muscle car outside is risky unless you have a specially-built lot, and what you should look for in a vehicle storage service. Read on to learn more.

Where do I find car storage at a reasonable cost

Why are classic cars stored differently than modern cars?

Because they would get damaged otherwise. Our beloved oldtimers look wonderful and feel great to drive, but they were produced at a time when top-of-the-line anti-corrosion technologies were either prohibitively expensive or didn't exist yet.

As a result, the average classic car from the 60s, 70s, and 80s lacks the protective coatings and extra-durable alloys that are par for the course for modern vehicles. Their bodies will corrode and crack, and their paint will chip and fade, sooner than it would on a newer car.

Things that can damage your classic car include:

  • UV rays (direct sunlight),

  • Salt in the air,

  • Moisture (rain, snow, ice, etc.)

  • Bird droppings and dead insects (they can turn aciding during decomposition),

  • Dirt,

  • Wild temperature changes.

What's the best way to store a classic car indoors?

When it comes to classic car storage (especially long-term, ie., multiple months or even years), the general rule of thumb is that any garage is better than no garage. That being said, not all garages or barns are ideal.

You should make sure your garage has the following:

  • Ambient humidity control. High moisture will ruin your expensive paint job and facilitate corrosion, while overly dry air will result in your costly leather upholstery becoming parched and eventually cracking. You should ensure your storage always stays in the 40-50% humidity range.

  • Ambient temperature control. Materials used in classic car construction tend to expand in warm temperatures, and contract when it's cold. If temperature changes happen too often and too quickly, the natural expansion-contraction process will eventually cause the metal to crack or bend. Because of this, ensuring that your long-term storage solution has ambient temperature control is vital.

  • Safety systems. Fire sprinklers and robust security solutions are a must in any classic car storage unit. The last thing you want is for a stray spark to burn down your garage with your valuable oldtimer in it. Likewise, because most classic cars contain expensive, hard-to-replace parts, they're sometimes targeted by thieves and vandals. Don't leave your oldtimer's safety to chance.

If you don't have a garage, or are unable or unwilling to equip your garage with the above systems, your best bet is to find a trusted company that offers long-term classic car storage services. This has the added advantage of having your car looked after by expert technicians.

What is the average cost of car storage

Who offers the most competitive cost of car storage in California?

Whether you're only coming to California for the holidays, or you're a longtime Santa Ana Heights resident, you can't go wrong if you choose Chimera Motors. Our classic car storage facility includes both indoor and outdoor options, both of which offer superb security and excellent conditions for long-term vintage car storage.

Don't believe us? Feel free to drop by our premises today and check out our storage facility yourself. We'll be your go-to classic car storage, restoration, and repainting company in California.

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