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Vintage Car Restoration 101: Should You Restore a Classic Car?

Newcomers to the world of vintage car ownership and restoration often dive headfirst into the hobby and pay considerable amounts of money for classic car customizing services in Huntington Beach without having a clear vision of what it is they want to achieve. This is a recipe for disappointment.

The reality is that buying and restoring an oldtimer is a hobby, and like all hobbies it's primarily a personal journey. It needs to be a passion of yours. If you simply need a daily driver so you can go to work and pick your kids up at the Huntington Beach High School, you'd be much better served by a sensible modern car.

In the following article, we'll answer two common classic car restoration questions that all beginners need to ask before they invest their time and money into an old car. Keep reading to learn more.

What increases the value of a classic car

Is rebuilding a classic car worth it?

The process of purchasing a vintage car, and then painstakingly rebuilding it until it's as great as it was when it first rolled off the assembly line, is an extremely satisfying endeavor. But it is right for you? That's what we're about to find out.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I a patient individual? Classic car restoration is a personal project that requires a big time investment. If you just want to drive a car right now, buy a modern vehicle.

  • Do I enjoy the journey, as well as the destination? In addition to taking time, classic car rebuilding also takes plenty of effort. If you're the kind of person who enjoys a challenge, you'll love this part of the process.

  • Am I passionate about this car? If you don't care deeply about your chosen model, you'll lack the drive necessary to properly complete the restoration.

What increases the value of a classic car?

The vast majority of vintage car owners do it because they're passionate about the vehicle in question, rather than because they want to resell it for a profit. The reality is that, unless your classic car is an exceedingly rare model, it's unlikely to ever garner a high-enough market price to cover the costs of restoring it.

That being said, even if your classic car restoration is a passion project, you may still want to resell your oldtimer at some point in the future. If this is the case with you, you'll want to ensure your classic car is as valuable as it can get.

Here's how to boost the value of your muscle car:

  • Get matching parts. Classic car collectors generally look for vehicles that contain as many original factory parts as possible. Classic car customization is great, but if you plan to resell you should go out of your way to use only these parts.

  • Mind the small details. Small accents such as the rubber around the windows, the inside of the trunk and the doors, historical car plates, and so on, need to be kept in good condition or replaced entirely if they're severely damaged.

  • Tires are crucial. Brand new tires not only increase safety and make the car easier to handle, they also make it look better. Needless to say, you should try and get tires that are as close to the original ones as possible.

Is rebuilding a classic car worth it

Who provides the top classic car customizing services in Huntington Beach?

If you're in need of the finest classic car restoration, maintenance, storage, and painting company in Huntington Beach and the rest of Orange County, look no further than Chimera Motors.

We boast highly experienced technicians, cutting-edge facilities and equipment, and a long track record of successful restorations. Visit us at our premises today or give us a call if you'd like to ask further questions.

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