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A Beginner’s Guide to Classic Car Restoration Orange County

classic car restoration orange county

Many classic car lovers see classic car restoration in Orange County as an exciting opportunity to bring the car’s original beauty back. For a classic car aficionado, restoration is more than a special investment. It is a complex process that requires patience, skill, time, and love, as well as a reliable full-service garage with the right workmanship and tools for the job. It is a rewarding experience and a long-term commitment.

If you are not thoughtful, however, your dreams and ambitions may lead you to spend thousands of dollars on restoration that won’t bring you the result you were hoping for. Make sure that the project brings you satisfaction and not a disappointment! Read on for some useful tips you may consider if you’re seeking classic car restoration Orange County aficionados can rely on.

Time & money

For classic car restoration to be successful, you need to have enough time and money on your hands. The time and money needed to complete the project will depend on the car’s condition and the level of classic car restoration.

It’s best to set a budget before you start searching for a car to restore. It should include the estimated price of buying the car (if you want to buy a car and then restore it), as well as of the necessary upgrades and repairs performed by trusted classic car restoration Orange County professionals. You should, of course, go for a car you feel excited about but be careful not to overstretch your budget.

Find the car

Now comes the hard part – finding the perfect vehicle for your classic car restoration in Orange County. Are you looking for a particular make, model and year or for a project car?

First, do some online research to see which cars present serious challenges for restoration and which models are worth restoring. Choose a car that will retain its value and have it thoroughly inspected. Seek advice from your fellow car enthusiasts and ask a mechanic you trust for a professional opinion.

It’s recommended that you buy a complete car that is free from major damage. Be wary of rust. Dealing with rust is time-consuming and the price can easily go sky-high.

Keeping costs down for a car that you are about to restore to a high standard is truly a balancing act. Decide whether you want to stick to the original or replacement parts and check their availability on the market.

Decide what level of restoration to do

There are four levels of classic car restoration. The first level means that a car is in a driving condition. This is the basic level – only minor cosmetic issues are fixed, a vehicle is operational and it can contain some replacement parts.

If you want to get your classic to a street show level, you need to have it restored to an almost perfect condition. The step above street show restoration is a show car level, which designates that the car is in an excellent original condition.

The highest level of classic car restoration is a concourse condition. This should be your goal only if you’re planning on putting your classic in a private collection. The focus here is on the elegance and aesthetics of the classic car. In order to preserve them, the car is not meant to be driven.

Consider modernizing your classic car

Choosing customization over originality depends on the personal taste and preferences. Resto-mod takes advantage of all the amazing advancements in automotive technology.

You can enhance the car’s performance, safety and comfort while preserving the timeless aesthetic appeal of the original. There’s a myriad of high-performance updates and parts to choose from if you want to enjoy some modern conveniences.

Top-rated classic car restoration Orange County

When you’re planning your restoration project, it’s important to seek the best classic car restoration Orange County car lovers rely on. Chimera Motors is your go-to automotive garage that specializes in classic cars.

Whether you need classic car service and repair, or restoration and customization, you can count on us and our unparalleled expertise and workmanship. Our team of mechanics will boost your vehicle’s performance and restore its former beauty. Call us at 714-907-0609 so that we can start your classic car project - today!


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