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Chimera Motors is a full-service automotive garage specializing in Classic American vehicles up to model year 1975.  We offer service & repair, restoration, performance modifications, modernization, and custom rods.  We can do full mechanical, paint & body, electrical, and upholstery/interior.  Our Technicians have years of experience at the dealer and aftermarket performance level. Please view our gallery for a sample of our range of expertise.  From regular maintenance to full custom frame-off builds, we can properly and pridefully deliver your classic American car needs. 

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  • What is it called when you redo a classic car?
    Restoring a classic or vintage car is called resto-modification or resto-modding. A modernized oldtimer is called a restomod, which is a portmanteau of restoration and modification. On the other hand, vehicles that retained their factory configuration or stock condition are called stock cars. If you entrust your ride to professional restoration shop mechanics, you’ll retain the option to revert to stock condition at all times.
  • In what order should I restore my classic car?
    It depends on the general condition of your ride and which part of the vehicle you want to redo. Doing a complete makeover on your ride requires a lot of effort and expertise and it’s advisable to let a proven classic car body shop take care of the job to ensure that your beloved oldtimer gets the full treatment it deserves. The restoration process consists of: The planning stage Dismantling process Bodywork Engine work Rebuilding and modifying
  • Should you repaint a classic car?
    People usually turn to classic car mechanics to repaint their vintage cars for two reasons. One is that the original paint job is starting to show signs of wear, and the other is that they want to increase the value and appeal of their ride. If you’ve decided to repaint your machine for the second reason, it’s recommended that you keep the original color because it tends to be more popular. If you choose a modern color that wasn’t offered by the manufacturer, you may end up decreasing the value of your ride.
  • How to restore a classic car body?
    If you want to restore your machine, you should contact the classic car auto body restoration shop that is known for its reputation and expertise. Restoring a vintage car body is an intricate process that requires a lot of practical know-how. At Chimera Motors, we have ample experience in vehicle body repair. We’ll treat your ride with great care and ensure that your bodywork is returned to its original shine.
  • Should you tip the classic car mechanic?
    There is no right or wrong answer to this question. There’s no obligation to tip the mechanic at a classic car repair shop, so it’s entirely up to you whether you want to do it or not. If you’re satisfied with the service, tipping is a great way to show you recognition for a job well done. Even if it’s a small amount, you can be sure that your token of gratification will be much appreciated.
  • Can you restore a rusted classic car?
    You should always look to shelter your oldtimer in a dry and warm place, away from the damaging effects of the weather. If you’ve noticed surface rust appearing in certain places, there is no need to panic. Attempting a DIY rust repair is ill-advised because even the slightest piece of rust can turn into a big problem down the line. Get in touch with our classic car service in Orange County and let our premium technicians take care of your beloved machine before the rust starts permeating through the car body panels.
  • What type of paint is best for a classic car?
    First, you should pay attention to two important factors. The first one is the color and the second one is the type of paint used. The original paint used on vintage vehicles was acrylic lacquer which makes it a favorite among enthusiasts. On the other hand, modern urethane paints require less maintenance and stay glossy for longer. Urethane is also inexpensive, easier to clean, and more durable and scratch-resistant. So, if you want to sell your car, opt for acrylic paint to increase its value, but if you're looking for a better solution for yourself, think about going with urethane and its many advantages. When in doubt, it's best to reach out to a reputable classic car auto body and paint shop and consult with the experts directly.
  • Who offers premium classic car repair, painting & restoration services near me in California?
    If you care deeply about your trusty old ride, there is no better place to turn to than Chimera Motos. We share your dedication and passion for vintage American rides. Our team of respected and diligent professionals is your best choice for all types of classic car repairs and upgrades. Whether you want to replace a subframe, do an auto body repair, a transmission swap, or a power steering conversion, we have the tools and the skills to upgrade your ride and ensure that your safety won’t be compromised while you're enjoying a leisurely afternoon cruise in your beloved oldtimer.
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