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Disc Brake Conversoin/Upgrades

Its fun to go fast, but equally important to be able to control and scrub off speed.  Upgrading your drum system can greatly increase your stopping power and heat dissapation abilities.  Additionally, adding a power booster can make it that much easier if you are running manual brakes.  Lastly, upgrading a single-circuit master cylinder to a dual-circuit system can possibly save your life in the event of a major leak or damage.  

  • Increase stopping power of your car

  • Decrease the pedal effort to stop

  • Increase the safety of your system with a dual circuit master - should a front or rear line be cut or damaged, the separate system will allow the other side to still operate on its own

  • Enhance the look - a nice set of Wilwoods look great behind your shiny wheels. 

  • Professional installation.  We take pride in our work, and it will show.  No cut corners.

  • Tailor-made to your needs and budget  - from basic disc brake conversions to 6-piston 15" rotor race and track setups


See below for a sample of various coil over suspension systems we have build, from basic to more radical.

1970 Chevelle - Wilwood 6 Piston front/rear with 15" Rotors
1969 Camaro - Pro touring custom build with Wilwood Brakes - 15" Rotors
1968 Chevelle - Wilwood Dynapro front brakes
1957 Chevy BelAir Wilwood Dynalite Brakes
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