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Premier Classic Car Storage Facility in Orange County

NEW!  We now offer indoor and outdoor long-term storage on a limited basis, right here at our shop in HB.  If you have a project on the back burner, or not enough space to keep your collectible, we have a secure space for it. Sorry, limited-access only, this is not to keep your weekend toy at.   Occasional access during normal shop business hours only.  You provide the vehicle, cover and trickle charger (indoor only), and we will provide secure, insured storage overseen by classic car professionals. 

Standard size vehicle pricing:

OUTDOOR:    $165/month

  • Secure, fenced in yard

  • Standard vehicle parking spaces

  • No in/out access, long term "project" storage only

INDOOR:        $365/month

  • Secure warehouse with fire sprinklers and security system, along side our main shop with regular supervision

  • Standard vehicle parking spaces

  • No in/out access, long term storage only

Storage Lot
Indoor Storage

Keep you classic car intact


It's an unfortunate reality that our beloved classic cars lack advanced protective technologies that are par for the course for newer autos. As a result, they're more likely to be damaged by prolonged exposure to moisture, UV rays, and changes in temperature. 

This is especially a problem if you're a resident of Balboa Island, or some other harborside community. As pleasant as these places are to live in, the direct sunlight and the salty air can quickly gnaw through your vintage car's expensive paint job and corrode or even crack its metal body.

Chimera Motors is here to help. We specialize not only in the restoration, maintenance, and painting of classic cars, but also in providing top-of-the-line classic car storage in Orange County. With us on your side, you'll never need to worry about your oldtimer being damaged by prolonged inactivity.

What is the best way to store a classic car?

A vintage car should ideally be stored in a clean, enclosed environment that has controlled humidity and temperature levels. Very few residential garages in America possess these features, so the safest and most affordable solution is to entrust your oldtimer to a professional vehicle storage service. 

Chimera Motors indoor SoCal classic car storage is easily the most reliable vehicle storage option in California. Our warehouse is spacious, protected by state-of-the-art security systems, and equipped with fire sprinklers. 

Most importantly, your vehicle will be regularly overseen by professional car technicians who will ensure it gets through its storage period 100% unscathed.

Can you keep a classic car outside?

Yes. However, you'll need to invest in a first-rate inflatable car cover that can completely cover your vehicle. If possible, buy a cover that has inbuilt temperature and humidity controls. These can get expensive in a hurry, but it's worth it to ensure your costly restoration job stays intact.

Your other option is to use professional outdoor storage services. Chimera Motors has a classic car storage facility in Orange County that contains a fenced-off yard that features full-size parking spaces designed for long-term car storage. This is a secure and affordable way to keep your muscle car safe during the long winter months or other periods of inactivity.

How do I prepare my car for long term storage?

Many people wrongly assume that merely parking a car in a garage is enough to keep it in good condition. The unfortunate reality is that an unused vehicle can still become damaged over time. The good news is, you can prevent this from occurring by taking the time to prepare your oldtimer for storage.

An effective SoCal classic car storage checklist includes:

  • Leave the handbrake down to keep it from seizing during the months of inaction.

  • Remove the battery or disconnect it. 

  • Remove organic material (dead bugs, bird droppings, and so on) that may turn acidic during decomposition.

  • Clean, wax, and polish your classic car to prevent corrosion.

  • Fill the wheels and the tires with air and use jacks to raise them off the floor.

  • Refill the oil.

  • Introduce fuel stabilizer and flush it through the system by letting the engine run for awhile.

Where can I store a classic car in Orange County, CA?

There's no need to google "classic car storage near me" when the best storage option is already at your fingertips. As Orange County's premier supplier of classic car repair, maintenance, and painting, Chimera Motors is superbly equipped to attend to your car's every need, including storage.

Whether you opt for our indoor or outdoor storage option, you can rest assured your classic car will be in safe hands. Reach out to us today. 


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