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EFI Conversion

Improve reliability, fuel economy, hot and cold starts.   When properly installed, fuel injection can bring many benefits.  There are many kits available with varying degrees of complexity, sophistication, cost and benefit.  There are several external factors and systems that must be addressed for a properly functioning EFI system - namely the electrical and charging systems.  Proper voltage, power source, wire routing, and grounding are IMPERATIVE for proper EFI system performance..  ECU's and sensors are all electrically driven, and bad power or signal will create bad information for your ECU, and therefor poor functionality.  Many EFI frustrations stem from these issues, which must be addressed in tandem with any installation.    From a simple bolt-on throttle body carb-style system to a multi-port sequentially-injected timing-controlled system, we can guide you to the proper solution.   Want a completely modern engine and drive line, such as an LS?  We can do that too.  


  • Gain performance, economy and reliability, at any altitude.

  • Avoid carb fouling due to poor quality fuels and ethanol content.

  • Receive expert advice and a comprehensive system to suit your goals and budget, without cutting corners.

  • Professional installation.  We take pride in our work, and it will show.  No cut corners. 

  • Tailor-made to your needs and budget  - from basic throttle body 


See below for a sample of various coil over suspension systems we have build, from basic to more radical.

EFI Conversions
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