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LS Swap

There are many ways to skin this cat, but few to do it properly.    Let us guide you with the pros and cons of various configurations and options.  Many times, a new crate motor is not much difference in cost vs a used motor, when you compare apples to apples of what you get in both cases.  Most people cite "reliability" and "economy" as reasons for the swap - don't let bad information get in the way of those goals.  There are also many other considerations to address during the swap, such as driveline, rear end, steering, suspension, cooling system etc.  We can help tailor a plan for your car to reach your goals and budget.

69 El Camino LS3 / Tremec swap
55 Chevy Bel Air LS3
59 Apache LQ9 6.0 swap w/ Fitech
62 Lincoln Convertible LS3 swap
64 C10 LS3 swap
72 Corvette LS3 swap
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