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Custom Gauges

Gauges are the windows to the health of your car.  Upgrading to modern gauges with electronic sending units not only can replaced non-fucntional stock gauges, but also give much more accurate and precise information, or information that was not provided by the factory gauges.  We have had a lot of happy customers with Dakota Digital direct fit VHX gauges as well as more traditional Classic Instruments.  Dakota Digital make direct fit replacement for your factory location gauges that look in-place, and flow with the rest of the interior while at the same time providing quality instrumentation and many more modern features only seen on newer cars.  Here are the benefits and options of the VHX gauge systems

  • Accurate and precise gauges - no more vague or unreliable readings, or dummy lights

  • Easy to read, vibrant display markings and needles - no more dim, unreadable gauges at night

  • Add missing gauges - many cars did not have a factory tach, oil pressure or temp gauge

  • Put new gauges in the factory location - no unsightly gauge pods hanging below the dash

  • Add modern features

    • Outside temperature and compass heading displayed

    • Service reminders and count downs - miles to next service

    • Check engine light (when equipped with modern engines)

    • Warning lights - high temp, low pressure warnings allong with gauge readings

    • Automatic headlights - add light sensors, headlight delays on exit, etc

    • Retained accessory power - don't kill the lights, radio or interior power until you open a door, like a modern car

    • Cruise control intergration

    • GPS speedo

  • Programmable settings and dislay preferences. 

  • Backlit gauges during the day with headlights off.  Sometimes certain clusters block too much natural light and having the gauges lit udring the day can be helpful.  


See below for a sample of various radiators we have installed.

Speedometer Gauge
1970 Chevy El Camino - Dakota Digital HDX
1957 Chevy - Dakota Digital VHX gauges
1964 Chevy Nova - Dakota Digital VHX Gauges in white/blue
1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass - Dakota Digital VHX Gauges with daytime backlight
1969 Mustang Mach 1 - Dakota Digital VHX Gauges
1967 Camaro - Dakotak Digital VHX gauges
1956 Chevy Truck -  Classic Instruments Cluster
82 Chevy C10 LS Swap - Dakota Digital VHX
1972 Chevy Chevelle - Dakota Digital VHX
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