Air Suspension

What's better than an awesome car? An awesome car thats really, really low.  Comfortable, safe, and reliably low.  Proper air ride parts and installation can mean the difference between enjoying your car and gliding across the road, or a bouncy, un-reliable, annoying and unsafe experience.  Your suspension is your connection to the road, and not something that one should cut corners on.  Let us help you tailor a suspension system to meet your needs and budget, or overhaul an exisiting un-reliable setup.  


  • Quality Air management.   We use ACCUAIR or all of our projects.  Their simplified, quality systems and valves offer the best reliability.

  • Accuair e-Level is the simplest and most reliable way to acheive accurate, pre-set ride heights with no guess work.

  • Quality planning and design.  Ever car and customer is unique.  Thoughtfuly  and properly running air lines, power lines and controls equate to fewer problems and greater reliabiltiy. 

  • Professional installation.  We take pride in our work, and it will show.  No cut corners. 

  • Tailor-made to your needs and budget


See below for a sample of various air suspension systems we have build, from basic to more radical.

64 Riviera -  Accuair Endo-CVT and e-Level
64 Riviera bagged
64 Riviera Air ride
Suspension rebuild  - before
Shock relocation, sensor located
Front end rebuilt
Accuair Endo-CVT
Endo CVT detail
Ready to party
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63 Riviera -  Full Accuair e-Level and Ridetech
Riv Suspension recon
RideTech Shockwave bags
Accuair trunk mount
63 Riviera
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65 C10 - Basic air ride with Accuair Switchspeed
C10 Air Ride basic install
C10 Air Management basic install
C10 Air ride - Accuair
65 C10 aired out
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64 Lincoln - Full Accuair e-Level and Ridetech w/suspension overhaul
64 Lincoln - Old Stock Suspension
Suspension overhaul prior to air
New Ridetech/Rebuilt suspension
Ridetech & Accuair components
New Air Suspension
New Air Suspension
Accuair management mocked up
64 Lincoln aired out
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69 Camaro Pro Touring Air Ride - Accuair management, Ridetech bags, Speedtech chassis
69 Camaro Rear Ridetech Shockaves
Rear Accuair e-Level installed
Front Accuair e-Level installed
69 Camaro Speedtech Frame
Ridetech Shockwave bags
Accuair EXO mount mocked up
Air lines ran thru frame
Accuair truck mount mock up
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72 C10 - Full ridetech front/rear strong arms, shockwave bags, Accuair e-Level
Full Ridetech kit, Accuair e-Level
New crossmember and c-notch prep
C-notch installed, frame reconned
Air ride installed
Full Ridetech suspension
Full Ridetech suspension
Ridetech front suspension
72 C10 bagged
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