Engine Rebuild / Swap

In most cases, we can rebuild your worn out motor, build you a high performance custom motor, or make recommendations for a crate motor or upgrade, based on your needs, wants, and budget.    Go from a 6 cylinder to a V8, small block to big block, LS, Coyote, etc.  


  • Factory original rebuilds

  • Vintage motor / flathead rebuilds

  • Performance upgrades

  • LS Swaps

  • Coyote Swaps

  • Only high-quality parts used

  • No corners cut

  • Warranty on all work


See below for a sample of various rebuilds we have done. 

63 Buick Riviera engine rebuild & detail
401 Nailhead rebuild
Motor out
Rebuild and detailed
Back at home
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65 Lincoln engine rebuild and detail
430 MEL motor
Engine out
Short block
Rebuild engine and detail
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65 Ford Thunderbird engine rebuild and detail
65 Thunderbird motor
Engine out
Ready for installation
Engine rebuild and detailed
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69 Camaro 565 Big Block rebuilt and detailed w/Holley EFI
BBC 565 poor compression
Engine out/tear down
Brodix heads
Rebuilt, upgraded, detailed, EFI
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73 Bronco 289 rebuild (to 302)
289 worn out
Engine out
Rebuilt, converted to 302
Engine rebuild and detailed
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