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1971 Ford Bronco Custom

Danny bought this beautiful Bronco nearly complete, with a few significant issues - It's 430HP 408W didn't run right and it didn't cool.  While overall a great build, for some reason major corners were cut under the hood with respect to the EFI system, wiring, cooling system etc.  We installed a modern FAST EZ EFI 2.0 system, and properly wired the engine bay.   Next we removed the home-brew radiator and shroud (which was blocking more air than it was directing) and called upon Mattson's Custom Radiators once again to find us a solution.  There is very little room to work with, and creativity/experience counts here.   Another major problem was the rediculous flex hose running half way across the motor, and ruining the paint on the hood due to direct contact.  We relocated the water inlet to the opposite side, which allowed us to eliminate the flex hose and install a proper molded hose, as well as allow for a dual-pass radiator.  Now instead of running at 230F while crusing in traffic, she runs at 180 or so at hot idle.  

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