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66 C10 eBay shop truck

This C10 has come a long way from when it was uncautiously purchased on eBay. Instant regret was the first phrase that came to mind as it was delivered. Another case of gross missrepresentation on the part of a scrupulous seller. Bryan almost put it back up for sale the day it came in, but decided he couldn't leave the lost sole alone.

The truck suffered from a loud engine knock, slipping 700R4, and a world-class rats nest of a wiring harness. The bed had been hacked up and partially filled with welded-in diamond plating, and the fuel tank was welded in place from an old 60 gal square storage tank.

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After mulling over the options, Bryan decided on starting fresh with a GM 350 crate motor, and having the 700R4 rebuilt, to get things started. While waiting for those to arrive, a new American Autowire harness, aluminum bed-monted fuel tank, and air ride were installed. See below for a chonological history and before/after photos.

Engine bay was a mess.. and out it came. cleaned up the surroundings, and did a quick job on smoothing the firewall.

Ready to receive the new crate motor.

The motor finally arrived, so we removed the GM Drab and installed a few pieces of flare..

New 350 in her new home, finishing up the wiring

Engine bay before/after..

Typical rust spots repaired and welded up. Bryan then scotch-brited the entire truck to give it a more even, dull look.

New Pine bed installed, after raising 1.5" to accomodate the 12 bolt rear end hosing. Gray stain and satin marine varnish finish it off. White lettering re-done.

Now Bryan gets offers on the truck regularly, and is (usually) happy he didnt give up on this great daily driver. It took a complete make-over, but now we can cruise in confidence with our quality but budget-minded shop truck.

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