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72 C10 on Air

Today, we deliver a newly-aquired 72 C10 back to owner Chris, after a complete suspension and steering overhaul. We elected to use a full Ridetech suspension upgrade, upper and lower tubular control arms, drop spindles, rear tubular trailing arms, crossmembers, and Shockwave air bags. Additionally, we chose Accuair's eLevel air management for its simplicity and reliability.

The goal was to have a usable, daily-drivable truck that retained its full bed, and rode comfortably. There is no denying that Ridetech's Shockwaves are the best in the industry for ride quality, at least on this C10. It rides deceptively smooth over bumps, with a car-like quality.

Follow allong as we document the transformation on this 72 short bed. Click Here for a complete photo gallery. To come:

  • Wiring Harness

  • Wheels & Tires

  • Wilwood Brakes

  • LS3 Power

Chris had us clean up the chassis while the bed was off and installing the air ride components. Any part that was removable was sandblasted and repainted. Above, we can see how the truck sat before tearing into it. Below, we see the frame C-notched and detaield prior to replacing the trailing arms and center crossmember.

Rear end completely removed, ready for new / refurbished components

Cleaned up rear end, shockwaves and panhard installed.

Detail of the Shockwave bags and mount.

Ready for plumbing and a bed.

Watch the video above to see the air ride in action.

BEFORE: Here we have the front suspension stripped and prepped for Ridetech goodies.

AFTER: Ridetech upper and lower control arms and shockwaves installed

New bench seat to get him down the road until the next round of upgrades..

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