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How to Store Your Classic Car in Orange County during the winter, Part 1

Winter is a time most classic car owners put their darlings to a well-earned rest. We’ve previously talked about how improperly storing your car could have catastrophic consequences to your priceless possession, which is why classic car repair Orange County experts suggest taking some extra time to prepare your old-timer for the hibernation. Here’s some of the steps you should take to make sure you find your classic car just as you left it when the spring finally comes.


If you plan on storing your old-timer until the winter is over, the first thing you should do is to get your car completely clean of all dirt and grime. When you made sure you scraped every angle, wax your old-timer to make sure it is well protected while unused. Cover all the chrome areas with polish and don’t wipe it off until you get it out of the garage. Lube the rubber parts to keep them from drying out during the winter. Finally, clean the interior thoroughly.

Grease and Lube

If your old-timer has lube fittings, fill the joints carefully. Grease the suspension, steering and the front wheel bearings as well. While you shouldn’t wait until you are ready to store your car away to get this routine maintenance procedure out of the way, if you skipped on this during the year, now is a great time to right the wrong.

Drain the Fuel and Bleed the Brakes

We’ve already talked about the adverse effect bad fuel can have on your old-timer, so we’ll make this short. If you plan on storing your car away for more than half a year, be sure you drain the fuel out of the system completely. Afterwards, run the engine to get rid of any fuel stuck in the lines too. On the other hand, if you plan on storing your car for a few months, you can use a fuel stabilizer to prevent any damage caused by old fuel.

While you are at it, drain the old brake fluid and replace it with a fresh batch. This is an important step in making sure your break system does not deteriorate.

Change the Oil

Fresh oil is the best way to keep your vehicle in its prime, which is why you should never try and skimp on it. Fresh oil keeps better while your car is under lock. It is also wise to change the oil again once you take the car out on the road again.

Drain the Radiator

Before storing your car for the season make sure to drain the cooling system completely. Leave the cap off the radiator so fresh air can permeate the system while your car is not being used. Finally, remove the hoses and drain any leftover water from the system.

Unplug the Battery

Experts advise you should detach the battery and store it somewhere dry. Connect it to a trickle charger so that it doesn’t lose power during the winter. Clean any corrosion if it has built up on the terminals. You can use a wire brush and a baking soda and water solution. Apply a thin layer of grease on the terminals to prevent the corrosion from developing again.

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