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Should You Store Your Classic Car Indoors or Outdoors?

Classic cars don't do well in bad weather. This is an unfortunate side-effect of being manufactured in an age before modern anti-corrosion features became widely available. As a result, how you decide to store your classic car can dramatically affect its longevity.

In this article, we'll give you a few pointers on how to properly store your vintage car. We'll also tell you where you can find a top-notch classic car storage facility in Orange County that charges a reasonable outdoor and indoor classic car storage cost. Keep reading to learn more.

Is it better to keep a classic car in a garage

Is it better to keep a classic car in a garage?

In most cases, yes. Concrete walls and flooring offers a greater degree of protection against the elements than a car cover ever could. Furthermore, very few vandals and thieves are able to break into a garage or willing to take such a risk.

That being said, indoor muscle car storage comes with its own challenges. Correctly preparing your vehicle for storage and ensuring you have ideal conditions for classic car storage is vital if you want to keep your expensive paint job and leather seats in a good state.

Prepare your car for storage by:

  • Top off the tank and change the oil. Doing this will prevent excess moisture from building up and causing the tank to corrode. For extra safety, add fuel stabilizer to keep the fuel from hardening or gunking up.

  • Pumping up the tires and placing the car on jacks. This will prevent unnecessary strain on the suspension and the car tires while the vehicle is in storage.

  • Take the battery out. This will keep your battery from draining or losing capacity due to disuse. However, you don't have to do this unless you're planning to store your vehicle for a long time.

  • Thoroughly clean the car. This may seem pointless (nobody will see the car while it's in storage), but it's actually an effective way to remove dirt, debris, dead insects, dust, and other stuff that may damage the paint over time.

Create ideal classic car conditions by:

  • Cleaning the garage. Dust, mop, and vacuum thoroughly. Use pest repellents if necessary. The last thing you want is to have insects or mice crawling inside your classic car and nesting in the leather seats while you're not looking.

  • Controlling moisture. Classic cars aren't as resistant to corrosion as their modern counterparts. Take steps to ensure your garage has good isolation and that there are no leaks.

  • Not letting things get too dry. Low humidity levels can cause your leather seats to crack or fade. Always strive for humidity levels of 40-50%.

  • Maintaining good temperatures. Objects contract when temperatures are low, and expand when they're high. As a result, frequent changes in temperature will eventually cause metal to crack or bend out of shape. For best results, keep your garage temperatures in the ~70 degree Fahrenheit range.

Where can I store a classic car?

So what should you do if you don't have a garage? In this case, consider investing in a high-end car cover and storing your car outside. If you lack a parking spot, or you're worried your car may be stolen or vandalised, your best bet is to entrust your oldtimer to the professionals.

Where can I store a classic car

Where can I find first-in-class classic car storage in Orange County?

Located in Oak View, Chimera Motors is the leading provider of classic car storage, restoration, and painting services in Orange County. We offer long-term storage solutions that are designed to ensure your classic car remains safe and in excellent condition throughout its stay, all while charging a very competitive indoor car storage cost. Rely on us to keep your baby perfectly safe and healthy whenever it’s not in use. Contact us today!

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