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A Guide to Understanding Air Suspension

classic car - air ride suspension shops near me

If you are among those classic car owners who appreciate a good custom and want to take your old-timer downtown, there’s a big chance you’ve already searched “air ride suspension shops near me” on the Internet. If not, an air suspension is just what you need! It will make your ride more fun and comfortable.

Air suspension has become an important part of the custom automobile culture, and with good reason. Here’s what you need to know about air suspension systems.

What is air suspension?

Suspension is the prime mechanism that connects a vehicle to the wheels and maximizes the friction between the road and the tires, enabling safe operation and steering stability. It can also help you adjust the ride height of your car easily. Some suspensions feature both comfort and sport modes.

Air suspension is a type of suspension powered by an air pump or compressor. It is installed instead of conventional springs with the goal of providing a continuous ride quality and a smooth ride.

How does it work?

Air suspension system is made of several components, including air springs, solenoid valves, a compressor, and a dryer. You will also have a reservoir, an air supply unit, and four height sensors (one at each corner).

  • Air springs are acting like air bags, rubber membranes that hold pressurized air. That air is what your classic car is riding on. Air springs provide a quiet and cushioned ride, as well as great comfort. There are three types of air springs: convoluted bellows, sleeve bellows, and rolling lobe bellows.

  • Solenoid valves provide high pressure regulation. They control air entering and exiting the air springs.

  • The Compressor is an electric or engine-driven air pump. It pumps air into a flexible bellows. The air pressure then inflates the bellows, raising the chassis from the axle.

  • The Dryer’s role is to remove moisture from the air system, preventing air spring damage and compressor burnout.

Custom applications

Introduced in the mid 1990’s, air suspension has become extremely popular among automotive enthusiasts, as it is customized for every application. Air suspension systems can be found in SUVs, trucks, street rods, muscle cars, etc.

If you are looking for air ride suspension shops near me, know that there’s a variety of top-quality kits available for older vehicles, as well. Air suspension will easily outperform the original system.

You may decide to add only several air suspension parts to your current suspension to enhance performance. On the other hand, you can completely convert your classic car’s stock setup into an air suspension for maximum performance. Just be aware that, though it is great and comes with many benefits, air suspension comes at an extra cost, as well.

Looking for air ride suspension shops near me?

If you are an Orange County resident searching air ride suspension shops near me, reach out to Chimera Motors! We are one of the leading companies specializing in classic car restoration in Southern California.

Call us at 714-907-0609 and our polite and knowledgeable staff will answer any questions you may have. Our team of skilled mechanics with ample experience will add the upgrade you want to your precious old-timer. When we finish, all what’ll be left for you to do is to sit back in your vintage gem and relax as you glide!


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