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Common Classic Cars Problems & Solutions Pt. 2

As relics of ages past, vintage rides are susceptible to the ravages of time. They are known to have many issues, even if maintained properly. After all, nothing is made to last forever. Fortunately, as with any problem, classic car issues are solvable.

For the most part, it only takes driving down to a reputable Orange County hot rod shop and having experts work their magic. Still, you may encounter some hurdles along the way. And, that's what this guide will help you avoid.

What are the frequent issues with classic cars?

In our previous post, we focused on the mechanical side of classic car issues. However, there is another side to it. Solving the logistical problems of classic car maintenance can be as big of a challenge as repairing it. As such, it is important to know what to expect so you can save yourself a lot of headaches.

The biggest issue with classic cars: safety

Modern cars are all about safety. Today, you have airbags, distance sensors, automatic brakes, and a whole host of systems that keep you out of harm's way while driving. With classic cars, you're lucky if you have seat belts. Needless to say, this makes every ride a risk. Especially so on more demanding routes, such as the notorious Ortega Highway, for instance.

While this is a major issue - it is still solvable. However, it will be a significant investment. Upping the safety of a classic ride demands excessive upgrades. But, when it comes to your well-being, is any price too high?

Vintage car parts are difficult to find...

When repairing or upgrading a classic car, you need to find just the right part. This is easier said than done. Unfortunately, the vast majority of them are not produced anymore.

This means you'll have to contend with either a copy or a spare someone else discarded. Focusing on the latter may result in finding an original part. However, the chance for that is lower than low. Even if you do get lucky, it is impossible to say what condition said component will be in.

On the flip side, you can opt for a modern equivalent of an old part. This is a much better option since today's technology is light years ahead. Which means you can get a high-quality part that will fit your oldtimer like a glove. Still, this solution, although more than valid, is often more expensive.

... and so are skilled mechanics

Another big hurdle classic car owners must overcome is finding a good mechanic. Vintage rides are frail. Repairing them demands excessive attention and even more skill. Therefore, opting for someone who "dabbles" in it is one of the biggest classic car maintenance mistakes you can make.

What you need is a professional with:

  • Ample training;

  • Years of experience;

  • Specialized tools.

Anything less, and you're putting your car at risk. Therefore, it pays to spend some time looking for a reputable car shop.

Where to find an Orange County hot rod shop that can solve all the above issues?

To solve the aforementioned issues, you don’t need to go out of your way. Right at the heart of Huntington Beach, you have one of the best classic car shops in Orange County. Chimera Motors has a long-lasting tradition of excellence in vintage ride repair, upgrade, and restoration. Give us a call and your problems will become ours. And, that means – there won’t be any.


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