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What Color Should I Repaint My Classic Car?

Why do vintage car enthusiasts like us spend so much time, money, and energy restoring and caring for an oldtimer? Size and handling are a big part of it, but the largest factor by far is their unique and beautiful appearance. With that in mind, choosing the right paint job for your beloved car is something you should approach with greatest care. Before you go looking for shops that provide the best classic car custom paint jobs Orange County has to offer, ask yourself the critical question: Should I paint my classic car or leave it as it is?

Before you make your decision, there are a number of things you should consider. Read on to learn what they are and how they can help you avoid classic car paint problems and get the oldtimer of your dreams.

Should I paint my classic car? That depends on why you bought it.

What was your motivation for getting into classic car restoration? Did you always want to own this particular vintage car? Is this car an expression of your personality in the same way your home and your clothes are? If so, you should paint it in whatever color is most pleasing to you. Make it 100% your own. The gift of a beloved car is one of the greatest presents you can treat yourself to.

Should I paint my classic car even if I don’t care for it all that much?

“Maybe that will make me like it better?” you wonder. We urge you not to do this. If you dislike something, painting it a different color isn’t going to help. In fact, it could make you feel worse, because now you’ve spent time and money on an expensive paint job, only to discover you still dislike what’s underneath.

What if I bought it to resell it at a higher price?

In that case, changing a “tough sell” hue to a more popular color can go a long way toward helping you find a buyer. Of course, this is only profitable if the current paint job is in such a poor state it makes it hard or even impossible to sell the car. If the existing paint is in good shape, a different color is unlikely to boost the price enough to cover the costs and the hassle of getting the new paint job.

Should I paint my classic car if it’s a collectible?

If your car is a rare, valuable model, you should probably refrain from changing the color. For many of these special models, color hues are what makes them unique, and changing the hue can actually lower the car’s value. On the other hand, if the car model in question is plentiful, repainting it may not affect its value much, if at all.

Where should I paint my classic car?

Whether you’ve decided to repaint your oldtimer because that’ll raise its value, or you want to give your beloved ride the color that best fits who you are as a person, having it done by reliable professionals is the way to go. That’s where Chimera Motors comes in! We are Orange County’s premier car company that specializes in classic car restoration.

Call us at 714-907-0609 or visit our shop today! Our polite & knowledgeable technicians will make sure your car gets the paint job you’ve always desired!

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