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Common Car Paint Imperfections and Their Solutions

How UV light affects your paint job

Should I repaint my classic car?” you ask. One of the answers to this question is: not if it’s going to be exposed to the elements for a long time. Extended exposure to sunlight results in oxidation, which causes your car’s paint to take on a white, chalky appearance. Most older vehicles have single stage paint that lacks a protective coat of clear paint.

Top-of-the-line classic car shops have the tools and the know-how necessary to properly clear all contaminants and condition the paint using a sealer & reseal glaze. Furthermore, they can wax your ride so as to protect its color from future oxidation-caused car paint imperfections that can hurt the value of your vehicle.

Dents, dings, and paint chips

Chipped paint, even if the chips are small, can pose a serious threat to an oldtimer’s integrity and value. When it comes to classic cars, even small chips can quickly become rusty and cause permanent damage. Dings and dents can’t result in rust, but they can still harm the car by proxy, namely because many car owners try to fix them on their own and inadvertently cause more damage.

Both chips and dents seem easier to repair than they really are, which is why many amateur repair jobs inevitably result in visibly uneven paint and metal surfaces. When it comes to expensive and irreplaceable classic vehicles, it’s best to have these sorts of car paint imperfections addressed by a professional car shop.

Minor & major scratches

When it comes to classic car paint jobs, scratches can be especially problematic. This is because many oldtimers use single stage paint that’s fragile and thin compared to modern equivalents. Like chips, even tiny scratches can lead to serious rusting and lasting damage to the vehicle. Major scratches that penetrate multiple layers of paint, on the other hand, can’t be buffed out and must be dealt with by qualified mechanics.

Best way to deal with car paint imperfections

Having your car repainted is the wisest thing you can do if the old paint’s integrity has been compromised with chips, scratches, or patina build-up. This goes double if the paint in question is single stage, as no amount of repairs can give it the sort of lasting endurance that modern paint solutions have. Professionally applied claying, waxing, and resealing might be able to restore some of the previous shine, but it isn’t a safe bet.

Car paint imperfections begone!

Whether you decide to repaint or repair your oldtimer’s paint job, Chimera Motors is the best one stop shop for you. We are Orange Country’s top classic car restoration and maintenance company. Reach out to us at 714-907-0609, or visit us in person. Our staff will gladly inspect your paint damage and help you decide on the best course of action.

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