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Matte Black Hot Rod Paint Jobs: Everything You Need to Know

There used to be a time, not so long ago, when matte hot rod paint jobs in Orange County, CA were practically unheard of. Virtually everyone preferred shiny, metallic paint jobs, and the very concept of painting a hot rod matte black seemed slightly avant-garde.

How times have changed! Today, competitively-priced matte black paint jobs are all the rage among both classic and modern car aficionados.

Whether you're merely curious about the whole process, or you're actively planning to give your beloved oldtimer a matte finish, this article will give you with some crucial info about the specifics of matte black finishes. Read on to learn more.

Is matte car paint hard to maintain

Can you paint your car matte black?

Absolutely. Matte paints used to be something of a rarity, seeing as they required specialized paint mixtures and finishes to achieve their unique look, but these days that's no longer the case. You can stroll into any automotive paint shop and choose from a large number of matte paint brands.

There aren't really any big differences between flat black and matte classic car paint finishes. Matte is understood to be slightly shinier, but for the most part these two terms are used interchangeably.

We live in a time when taking good care of our planet is becoming increasingly important. While urethane and enamel paints are still a valid option, choosing the much more environmentally-friendly water-based paint, applied by a paint shop that observes the correct anti-pollution regulations, is the responsible thing to do.

Is matte paint good for cars?

There's nothing inherently more dangerous about matte paints. A well-applied paint job protects the metal from corrosion, UV light, and even physical damage that stems from little bits of sand or dirt that hit the car as it moves.

That being said, hot rod matte paint jobs come with a set of unique challenges that, while not hugely problematic, are still something you should be aware of before you go all-in on your new matte paint job.

These challenges include:

  • Paint defects stand out more on a matte finish than they do on a metallic one.

  • Fixing scratches by waxing, polishing, and sanding isn't an option on a matte finish.

  • The above means you're best off avoiding environments such as automatic car washes that can scratch the paint.

  • Matte paint jobs are generally more expensive than their glossier counterparts, although the price difference is well worth it when you consider how amazing the final product looks.

  • Matte paint jobs do not receive additional warranties from manufacturers.

Is matte paint good for cars

Is matte car paint hard to maintain?

Although matte classic car paint definitely requires more effort to keep in good shape than the more standard finishes do, we wouldn't go so far as to call it hard to maintain. As mentioned above, scratches are permanent, so you'll mostly just need to take a bit more care.

Keep in mind that you should never wax a matte paint job. This is because the clear coat on a black matte finish is designed to be full of little bumps and dips. When a car wax fills those little bumps and dimples, it spoils the matte look.

For this reason, you need to use specialized soaps that do not contain built-in glosses, waxing agents, or additives like silicone that are designed to make car paint shine. Luckily, most paint shops offer a selection of matte-friendly cleaning products.

Who provides the most outstanding hot rod paint jobs Orange County, CA has to offer?

Located a few blocks from the Golden West College, Chimera Motors is Orange County's premier hot rod paint, repair, and maintenance company. Give us a call today, or drop by our premises so that our technicians can take a look at your car.

We look forward to giving your classic car the ideal black matte finish it deserves.

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