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Hot Rod Black Paint: Where Can You Buy It?

When it comes to automotive customization, matte hot rod paint jobs in Huntington Beach, CA are easily one of the biggest innovations of the early twenty-first century. Between their eye-catching uniqueness and how amazing they look on classic cars, it should come as no surprise that many award-winning classic car owners are buying hot rod black paint.

Whether you're just curious about this type of paint, or you're thinking about painting your car matte black, this article will answer some matte black finish-related questions that you're likely going to find useful.

Read on to learn more about what matte black finish actually is, and how it may just be what your cherished oldtimer needs to become truly exceptional.

What is the blackest black paint?

What is the blackest black paint?

The answer to this question depends on who you ask. If you asked the engineers and chemists who specialize in paint manufacture, they'd probably be able to specify some paint depth value that makes a certain black paint "the blackest".

However, the reality is that a black paint is a black paint, and it's next-to-impossible to tell at a glance which one is the darkest. If you really want your car's paint job to be as black as possible, you should opt for a can of flat black paint.

Flat paint lacks the small amount of paint gloss that gives matte paint its low shine. Ideally, a flat paint should be 100% non-reflective. Keep in mind, however, that in practice it's often impossible to see the difference between matte and flat paint jobs.

Do you clear coat flat black paint?

Many car owners subscribe to the idea that flat black coats take less time to apply due to them not requiring a clear coat. Although it's correct that certain types of flat black coats do not need a clear coat to be applied beforehand, they still often require a base coat.

When decide which paint to use for your beloved classic car, you shouldn't be thinking in terms of what's easier. You should go with the color and paint type that best reflects your personality (if the car is intended for personal use) or what looks the best on the vehicle itself (if you're preparing it to be sold or to have it displayed at car shows).

That being said, always use a paint that is highly UV-resistant, as this will be the biggest determining factor in how long the paint job retains its original quality. As with getting custom plates, you should take the time to ascertain your paint of choice observes the relevant regulations.

How much does it cost to custom paint a car matte black?

How much does it cost to custom paint a car matte black?

Too many inexperienced car owners go online and search for guides on how to spray paint hot rod black paint on their muscle cars. This invariably results in sub-par paint jobs or horribly botched painting attempts that require expensive paint stripping.

Don't make this mistake. Taking your car to a reputable paint shop is the surest way of getting the gorgeous matte black paint job that's going to turn heads when you drive past the Bella Terra in Huntington Beach.

As for how much it will cost, that depends entirely on the type of car and paint used. After all, no two classic cars are quite the same. It's best to have the professionals look at your vehicle and give you a quote.

Who provides premier hot rod paint jobs in Huntington Beach, CA?

Chimera Motors boasts top-of-the-line premises, high-end equipment, and highly-trained employees who know the ins and outs of classic car restoration, painting, and repair. Between our competitive prices and our long track record of supplying phenomenal paint jobs, we are your best choice for all things related to matte black paint jobs.

Contact us today, so that we may arrange a meeting and propose how best to go about making your muscle car look its best.

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