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How To Ensure the Safety of Your Classic Car?

Classic car ownership is one of the most expensive hobbies there is. Even if your oldtimer was in excellent condition when you got it and didn't require a costly restoration job, chances are you still have to regularly pay for classic car maintenance and storage.

As classic car owners, we're okay with this: it's all part of what makes our muscle cars and hot rods so near and dear to our hearts. What we're not okay with, however, is the possibility of somebody vandalising or stealing our beloved cars.

If the above sounds like your worst nightmare, you'll be happy to hear we comprised a list of tried-and-true ways to keep your vintage car safe. As always, having access to dependable classic car storage in Orange County can make all the difference. Read on to learn more

How to protect your classic car investment

How to protect your classic car investment?

Ensuring the continued safety of your classic car hinges as much on prevention as it does on having the right security features. Always plan ahead and be prepared for any eventuality.

Great ways to take care of your classic car include:

  • Keep the documentation. Save the original manuals, historic photos, and the proof of the car's repair history. These may even increase its value down the line,

  • Snap some photos. Not only is this a great way to share your classic car with the world, it also enables you to compare photos from years past and catch any signs of deterioration,

  • Get good insurance. Find an insurer that offers Agreed Value, allows you to pick the most qualified repair shop, and doesn't limit your mileage,

  • Maintain the tires. Ensuring that your classic car's tires are in good condition and full of air is critical if you wish to prevent unnecessary (and expensive) damage to its wheels and suspension,

  • Store it indoors. Parking your car in a clean garage equipped with temperature and humidity controls will put it out of reach of most animals and people. It will also protect it from harsh weather and make it easier for you to inspect it for damage. If you don't have a garage of your own, consider renting space at a reputable classic car storage facility.

How to protect your classic car from thieves?

As many unfortunate vintage car owners have found out over the years, older cars lack the advanced security systems that newer vehicles have. To make matters worse, they also tend to be more difficult to track down after they get stolen or one of their parts goes missing.

There are no two ways about it: you have to take steps to ensure your classic car is protected from thieves and other malicious individuals.

In addition to getting a comprehensive insurance plan, you should:

  • Use only highly qualified and insured car shippers that use covered transport vehicles,

  • Install anti-theft systems such as buttery cut-off switches, immobilization devices, hidden transmitters that make tracking the car easier, and a way to disconnect the battery cable while the car is parked,

  • Always lock the doors and take the keys with you,

  • Get an alarm and also put up an alarm sticker to serve as an additional deterrent to thieves,

  • Never leave valuables on car seats, dashboards, or anywhere else where they may be noticed by nearby criminals.

How to protect your classic car from thieves

What's the top classic car storage in Orange County?

Chimera Motors is a top-notch classic car restoration company that boasts superb car storage facilities and first-rate repair technicians. Our incredible reliability is matched only by our impeccable track record and uncompromising professionalism.

No matter what problem your oldtimer may have, we'll make sure it's fixed in no time and ready to be taken for a pleasant cruise by the gorgeous T-Street beach. Reach out to us today.

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