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4 Ways to Customize Your Engine Bay

Owning a classic car is certainly a unique and satisfying experience. However, it also comes with challenges of its own. One of the biggest ones is keeping the ride in near-perfect condition. Still, this requires a lot of dedication.

Therefore, customization becomes not only an option – but a necessity. An integral part of owning a classic ride, that allows you to make it more beautiful or reliable. Or, in most cases, both.

So, let’s see what engine bay customization options you can find at Orange County engine bay detailing and restoration shops.

Can you customize your engine bay?

People think engine bay customizations serve only to produce that “wow” effect in the onlookers. This is true, albeit to an extent. Cosmetic upgrades do make up a large portion of possible improvements you can treat your ride with. After all, looks are a major part of what makes classic cars so amazing. And still, they are only a minor part of what you can treat your ride with. Therefore, these aren’t the ones you should focus on. Well, at least not from the get-go.

Engine bay customization options are extremely extensive. So much so, in fact, that they can improve virtually every aspect of your driving experience. Therefore, not only you can customize your engine bay – you should!

What can you improve in your engine bay?

This is where the true beauty of engine bay customization lies. You can change and upgrade everything that’s under the hood. From the smallest screw to entire engine blocks, and even the engine itself. In general, we can split all customizations into four categories:

  1. Performance upgrades;

  2. Protective upgrades;

  3. Convenience upgrades;

  4. Cosmetic upgrades.

However, it’s important to notice that these categories aren’t mutually exclusive. Performance upgrades can translate into protective or convenience ones, and vice versa. But, the best part of it is: all of them add to the overall looks. So, regardless of the customization, you opt for (first), you’ll surely add to the “wow” factor.

1. Performance upgrades

Performance upgrades can improve virtually every aspect of your ride. From fuel economy to power, to handling, to overall reliability. Great examples of these customizations are:

However, since they are the largest modifications, they also take extensive work.

2. Protective upgrades

As the name implies, protective upgrades provide extra shielding for the components. With them, you can make cables, electrical panels, connectors, etc. even safer, thus increasing their longevity. Adding wire tucks, silicone and braided hoses, or strut bracers go a long way toward protecting what’s under the hood. And, they also look insanely cool!

3. Convenience upgrades

Convenience upgrades serve to make maintenance easier. These can allow you to, for instance, pressure wash your engine bay without fear you’ll damage something. Or, not having to detail your engine bay as often, which is a great time saver. Silicone caps or plastic encasements for panels are the best examples.

4. Cosmetics upgrades

This is, by far, the most extensive customizations category. Cosmetic upgrades are too many to count and can range from a simple paint job to engine compartment detailing, to a full restoration.

Where’s the best Orange County engine bay detailing and customization shop?

When you’re looking for the best Orange County engine bay detailing, restoration, and customization, you need not look further than Chimera Motors. Just a few minutes away from Huntington Central Park you can find the best treatment for your classic ride. Our trained and knowledgeable personnel has years of experience in restoration, beautification, and full-on conversions of every classic car component. Give us a call today and ensure your ride remains your reliable companion for years to come.


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