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How to Make Your Classic Car’s Engine Bay Look New?

How many times have you heard that age-old cliche that: “It’s not about the looks, it’s what’s beneath that matters”? Probably once too many to count. However, when it comes to classic cars – both matter. While a glistening exterior draws the looks and inspires awe, what’s under the hood is what really makes your ride special.

Still, keeping it that way goes far beyond the mere “spit and shine”. Because the unfortunate truth is: classic cars are old. There’s no way to sugar-coat it. As such, they demand a lot of effort to keep them good-looking and reliable. And, you should focus a good part of that effort on keeping the motor compartment impeccable. So, let’s see how you can achieve this, and why it’s imperative to trust the undertaking to the best engine bay detail shop in Orange county.

How can I make my engine bay look new?

This question can net a whole myriad of conflicting opinions. From ultra-expensive cleaning products to crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. Now, while you can use various products and equipment to clean the engine bay, doing so will net only partial results, at best. Engine bay detailing is a messy job that, in the case of vintage cars, demands a whole lot of finesse. And, while dirty engine bay can cause some issues, they pale in comparison to damages improper detailing can cause. Therefore, there’s only one surefire way to make your engine compartment look brand-new. And that’s to let professionals work their magic.

Can you pressure wash an engine bay?

Technically, you can. Cleaning an engine bay is a pretty straightforward process. But, before you attempt it, it’s essential to know what you’re getting yourself into.

On newer cars, the engine bay is quite protected. Parts are (in most instances) encased in a protective shell, that keeps water and dirt out. The same thing goes for connectors, hoses, and the majority of other components. Therefore, power washing engine bays on newer cars is quite safe.

However, older cars are a whole other story, altogether. Pressure washing your car's engine compartment can be quite risky. Unless you’ve done some extensive engine bay customization, with the sole purpose of making maintenance safer and easier, that is.

The risks of pressure washing an engine bay

High-velocity stream pressure washer ejects will clean your engine bay. No doubt about that, whatsoever. But, it can also loosen or, even, damage the connectors and caps. Furthermore, it can get water past gaskets, grease fittings, connectors, and into the electrical panels. You know - all the places where there shouldn’t be any water, ever. This, in turn, can lead to a whole myriad of new issues, that can cause severe damage to your classic car. And that’s something you want to avoid, at any cost.

So, the question isn’t “can you pressure wash an engine bay” but “should you”. And the answer is: “no”. Unless you’re not 100% certain of what you’re doing, you shouldn’t attempt power washing your engine bay. This way, you only risk damaging frail components of your precious car.

Avoid risks and keep your car impeccable with the best engine bay detail shop in Orange County

Keeping your engine bay pristine and your vintage beauty perfect doesn’t have to be risky. Choose the best engine bay detail shop Orange County has and rest easy. Chimera Motors boasts trained personnel, with years of experience in classic car detailing, modification, and customization. Contact us today to make sure your car will be ready for those heartwarming rides through Live Oak Canyon and sigh-stealing drives down Orange County streets.


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