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62 C10 Frame Swap

Victor started out with a pretty clean C10, but after taking into account his goals and overall budget, we decided the best option was to get rid of the undesirable 62 and earlier frame in favor of a conveniently available 63. This allows a much wider array and lower cost of parts going forward. His current 62 was an original straight 6 with manual gearbox.


  • Air ride friendly chassis

  • SBC V8 power

  • Auto Trans

  • Disc brake conversion

  • Power steering conversion

  • New wiring harness

It so happens that our available frame took care of 3 out of 4 of these goals out of the box (SBC and TH350), and made another 2 much easier and more cost effective (adding disc brakes and power steering). The donor frame came from another customer who we are installing a custom Scott's frame and crate motor for. He had no use for his old chassis and powertrain, so it worked out perfectly. And it so happens to run perfectly.

So here, we will document the transformation, which included steam cleaning the chassis and engine of the 63, C-notching the frame, installing power steering, and of course, swapping his cab and bed over. In the long run, this will end up saving Victor a lot of money and heartache as he builds his truck.

Bryan achieving clean plasma cuts for the C-notch on the 63 frame, and installing lowering blocks prior to transfering the new cab and bed.

Rear of the 63 frame back in action and cleaned up.

62 bed removed, frame revealed.. note the differences between 62/63. Mounting points will have to be relocated.

Bed to be set aside

2 more comparisson shots of 63 (top) and 62 (bottom).

62 engine bay, before front end break down.

Cab coming off the frame