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How to Keep Vermin from Wreaking Havoc inside Your Classic Car This Winter?

Storing your classic car during the winter is extremely important, as we recently explained. But having your classic car out of sight can be risky, as there is one enemy classic car owners rarely take into account. Unfortunately for them, this enemy is hard to see and can wreak unimaginable havoc inside your prized possession. Of course, we are talking about vermin like mice and similar rodent that make a nest out of your classic car so they can make it through the winter.

If you don’t take precautionary actions to shield your classic car from this intrusion, rodents such as rats or mice can cause serious damage to your car, from ruining your recently-restored interior to damaging the wiring, the engine and more.

Of course, you can’t blame them for trying to find a warm place to crash during the winter. And what makes a better home than a classic car under lock and key that no one pays attention to or takes for a ride during these cold days. While you might think that your car is safe inside your garage, don’t underestimate the power of these rodents to infiltrate even the most tightly sealed homes.

This is why experts in classic car restoration in Orange County advise you follow these few precautionary steps to make sure that your classic car does not become someone’s home.

Don’t Leave Any Traces of Food

More than anything, food is the main thing that will attract vermin and inspire them try extra hard to infiltrate your garage. This is why we advise you not to store food like pet food or other tasty treats for them to find. Keep any food out of the garage and inside your home.

Use Poison or Traps to Get Rid of Them

Using rodent control is one of the most effective methods in preventing mice and other vermin from invading your garage and your classic car. However, be advised that rodent poison could be harmful to your pets as well, so make sure your dogs, cats or other animals can’t get into your garage.

Another effective way of keeping the vermin out is placing traps throughout your classic car. As mice usually climb their way across the tire and to the warmth of the engine compartment, secure your car by placing traps on the top of the tires. However, don’t use bait as it may only attract the rodents into your garage. Instead, use bait only if you notice signs of your garage already being infested. Like poisons, try to keep your pets away from these traps, as they could cause them serious harm as well.

Mothballs and Other Pungent Items

One of the best and cheapest solutions in battling vermin is using mothballs. Putting them inside your car is sure to keep vermin and anything with a sense of smell far, far away from your prized possession. The downside is that you will have to take the car out in the wind for a few rounds around the block come spring to purge the stench out. The same effect can be achieved with any other unpleasant-smelling items like fabric softeners, peppermint oil, red pepper or sulfur.

Protect the Wiring

The worst case scenario if your car is infested with vermin is rats eating through the wires inside your car. And for some reason they feel oddly attracted to them and are known to chew through the harness completely. One effective way to prevent this from happening comes courtesy of Honda Motor Tape, a soy-based tape laced with pepper that prevents the vermin from chewing on your wires.

Block the Tailpipe and Jack up Your Car

Even if you follow some or all of the steps listed above, one additional security measure won’t harm your cause. Our classic car restoration Orange County experts advise you to stuff your tailpipe to block the rodents’ way into the exhaust.

Another useful piece of advice we already covered in our previous article is to remove the tires and raise your car on stands. While this helps relieve the stress on the suspension and tires, it is also useful to prevent rodents from climbing inside.

Classic Car Service Orange County

If you follow the steps listed above you shouldn’t have to worry about your car being ruined by rodents. However, if you were unaware of the threat they pose and didn’t secure your classic car, you can always count on Chimera Motors, specializing in classic car restoration in Orange County, and ask for professional help. Get in touch with our team at 714-907-0609 if you need help fixing the damage mice or other rodents might have caused to your classic car.

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