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How Much Do Custom Paint Jobs Cost and Who Does Them Best

How much does it cost to custom paint a car?

When it comes down to it, classic cars have what few modern vehicles do: style. They look unique, they feel different to drive, and their shapes lend themselves well to beautifully customized classic car paint jobs.

That being said, finding a classic car restoration shop that delivers first-rate classic car custom paint jobs in Orange County, CA can be tricky. In this article, we'll tell you where you can get an expert classic car paint job without the risk of losing your money or waiting too long for the paint job to be completed.

How much does it cost to custom paint a car?

Short answer: it depends. Long answer: vehicles vary widely in their shape, size, build, and overall appearance. Are you restoring existing paint on a classic car, or do you need to entirely remove old car paint so that you can apply a brand new coat?

An even biggest question is: are you painting the car yourself, or are you paying a professional company to do it? Pro painting shops have their own pricing systems. If you're doing it yourself, you must also factor in the price of renting or buying the necessary equipment, supplies, and painting booth.

Finally, there are also your own preferences, the type of automotive paint being used, and the time constraints to consider. With all this in mind, it becomes obvious why it's impossible to arrive at a one-size-fits-all price for custom car paint jobs.

How to custom paint leather car seats?

A personalized paint job doesn't end with the car's exterior. Ensuring that your ride's interior, including your leather seats, fits the rest of its theme is a crucial step toward attaining the ideal muscle car look.

First, prep the leather by removing the transparent, manicured finish with an abrasive pad. This process will probably leave a lot of color and prep sitting on the leather's surface. Remove this excess prep and color by wiping the seat with a cloth.

Second, wipe the entire seat using alcohol cleaner to remove any oils, silicones, or waxes that may be present. If there are cracks in the leather, fill them with a flexible filament of your choice.

Where can I get custom car color paint

Applying paint to a leather seat

The first layer of paint is always applied using a sponge. This needs to be done in order to work the paint into hard-to-reach areas. The paint used during this part of the process is highly concentrated, and should be applied using gentle pressure.

The last step is all about applying the final coat using an airbrush spray. Complete the paint job by sealing it with a finish of your choice. For best results, the finish should be applied in 7-8 thin coats. Always wait for the previous layer to thoroughly dry before adding another layer.

Where can I get custom car color paint?

Are you a longtime classic ride enthusiast who regularly attends car shows and even competes in some of them? Or are you a newfound muscle car owner who wants their new ride to look the absolute best it can?

Whatever your specific situation and need, the safest, easiest, and fastest option is to have it attended by industry professionals. That's where we come in.

Who offers the best classic car custom paint jobs in Orange County, CA?

Chimera Motors is Orange County's top classic car restoration and painting company. Located in Huntington's Beach, our shop is equipped with state-of-the-art painting supplies and equipment. Call 714-907-0609 if you have any questions, or visit us in person at our premises.

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