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What's the Best Way to Store a Classic Car?

Can you keep a car in a storage unit?

As large and as visually impressive as most classic cars are, the unfortunate reality is that they're a lot less resistant to corrosion than their modern counterparts. Because of this, many muscle cars spend the colder months of the year tucked away in professional-grade SoCal classic car storage.

That being said, ensuring your classic car is stored correctly isn't as simple as leaving it in a garage and covering it with a tarpaulin. Whether you opt for indoor or outdoor classic car storage, there are many factors you must take into account in order to make sure no harm comes to your cherished oldtimer while it's tucked away.

In the following article, we'll delve deeper into how to go about preparing your oldtimer for storage and what ideal classic car storage temperatures you should try to maintain. We'll also tell you where you can find a dependable provider of classic car storage in Southern California. Read on.

Can you keep a car in a storage unit?

A classic car can be stored either indoors or outdoors, with indoors being the overall safer option. Regardless of whether you decide to store your car on your own property, or to use a professional storage service that specialized in storing classic cars, there are a few things you should do to prep your vehicle for months (or even years) pf hibernation.

Here are some things you can do to prepare your beloved oldtimer for storage:

  • Clean, polish, and wax it thoroughly. This will prevent corrosion from setting in by removing any grime or organic matter (such as dead insects or bird droppings) that may turn acidic as it decomposes.

  • Protect the tires and the wheels by filling the tires with air and raising them off the ground with jacks. This lessens the pressure on the tires and the suspension, and ensures they stay healthy for longer. Also, remember to leave the handbrake off to keep it from seizing during the inactive months.

  • Refill the oil and treat the fuel by adding fuel stabilizer and filling the tank up to full. This prevents moisture from appearing inside the tank and causing corrosion. Just remember to run the engine for awhile to make sure the stabilizer flushes through the whole system. This is doubly important in cold weather, as low temperatures can negatively affect even top-quality fuel.

  • Remove or disconnect the battery to prevent it from discharging while the car is in storage. If your battery discharges completely and stays like that for awhile, it'll break and will need to be replaced. An electronic battery charger can help avoid this.

  • Ensure you can maintain the correct temperature and humidity. Moisture is the biggest cause of corrosion, so maintaining 40-50% humidity and no more than 70°F in the storage area is crucial. Going under 30% humidity is a bad idea as well, as it can dry out the leather seats and ruin the leather.

How much does it cost to store a car in storage?

How much does it cost to store a car in storage?

The exact answer to this question depends on multiple factors, such as whether you're looking for indoor or outdoor storage, and how long you want your classic car to remain in storage. Choosing a reputable service should be a priority, however, as improper storage can cause serious damage to your muscle car.

A dependable service should have secure, fenced-in yard for its outdoor storage, and a secure indoor storage warehouse equipped with fire sprinklers and security systems. It's a huge plus if they also employ technicians who can regularly check on your stored vehicle.

Where can I book top-notch SoCal classic car storage?

Located near the Huntington Central Park Sports Complex, Chimera Motors is the top supplier of classic car storage, restoration, and maintenance services in Southern California. In addition to top-of-the-line car storage options, we're also able to provide superior painting and customization services.

Get in touch with us today. We'll be your one-stop-shop for all things classic car-related.

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