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Different Levels of Classic Car Restoration: Evaluate Your 69 C10 Air Ride

muscle car - 69 C10 air ride

It is a fact that every car enthusiast dreams of owning a beautifully-designed classic car. Cruising in Orange County, CA in your 69 C10 Air Ride is bound to give you ultimate satisfaction and personal fulfillment. However, your car can get damaged and may need extensive repair and restoration.

The process of restoring a classic car to its initial condition is not a walk in the park. It should be done in a careful manner to maintain its functionality and beauty.

Here are four different levels of classic car restoration.

Driving condition

Is your vehicle capable of moving from one point to another? The damage can be so severe that it affects the whole functional unit of the car, rendering it immobile. In other cases, your car can still be operational, though it may require parts replacement or simply some cosmetic adjustments.

During a restoration process, your car will go through a thorough inspection that will unmask all the faults that affect its mobility.

Street show condition

If the engine is fully functional and your car has just minor cosmetic issues, it is almost in a perfect condition. In this case, your car should fall between 80 and 89 points when evaluated by a professional.

If you are not familiar with the 100-point Condition Rating System, it is a system that applies to classic cars and considers the exterior, interior, rust and mechanics of the vehicle.

If you want to get your classic car to this level, you should get all the parts and accessories relevant to your car model.

Show car

If a classic car show is held in Orange County, California, will your car be able to participate and favorably compete with others?

This level of assessment is used to determine if a car is in an excellent original condition and ideal for shows and other similar events. The vehicle is judged by a professional, and it should manage to score between 90 and 95 points.

If your car fails to fall within this range, then it requires further restoration. Your 69 C10 Air Ride’s specs are compared to the factory manual to pass on this stage.

Concours condition

This is the highest, most professional level of a classic car restoration. If you intend to take your car to an auto show, let it be tested up to this level.

Apart from just the functional and structural features, this level mainly focuses on the beauty and elegance of the classic car. In order to protect the magnificence of restoration, these vehicles are typically not meant to be driven.

Bring your 69 C10 Air Ride to perfection

Regardless of the level of restoration, in case your car gets damaged, you’d want to have it restored. You will be executing some form of injustice if you decide to cruise in a damaged classic car. If you are a 69 C10 Air Ride owner in Orange County, California, do not hesitate to contact Chimera Motors.

Our expert mechanics can help you restore your classic car to its former glory. We don’t just offer standard services. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of each customer and exceeding their expectations. Call us at (714)-907-0609 or visit our shop to find out more about classic car service, restoration, and repair that we offer!


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