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Power Steering Conversions 101

Classic cars are truly things of beauty. Timeless eye candies that are an endless source of pride, joy, and comfort. But, most of them are also 3+ ton behemoths. And that means steering them demands excessive effort. As such, driving an oldtimer can often feel more like a heavy workout, rather than a relaxing activity.

Fortunately, classic car customizing in Orange County, CA is at a level that allows you to solve this problem with utmost ease. All it takes is a switch from standard to power steering, et voila, you'll be able to control your ride easier than ever. But, before you opt for this massive QOL upgrade, it pays to know what you'll be getting.

What is the difference between power steering and normal steering?

To understand the difference between normal and power steering we need to go back to the basics. "Steering" in cars refers to a combination of components that allow the driver to control the direction the car is going.

In classic cars (especially those made before the 1950s), said system is fully mechanical. There's nothing to assist the driver when turning or parking. In other words, the full weight of a vehicle is in the driver's hands and the driver's hands only.

Naturally, this makes it extremely difficult to maneuver the car, especially at low speed. Not only that, but it’s also incredibly taxing on the driver and, after a while, becomes exhausting. So, naturally, a solution was devised to counter this issue.

An obvious upgrade from manual steering

Unlike its standard counterpart, power steering doesn’t depend solely on the strength of a driver to control the car. Rather, it relies on hydraulic or electric power to take the brunt of the turning force. Hence the name "power" steering.

Needless to say, this is why power steering is superior to standard one in virtually every way. It makes the vehicle easier to control, turn, and maneuver in general. Most importantly, it takes the pressure off of the driver. Thus, allowing them to save their strength and focus on the road ahead.

Therefore, these conversions are more than just a QOL upgrade. It is also a massive boost to safety, especially on problematic routes such as State Route 133 or in heavy-traffic areas.

Can you add power steering to a classic car that doesn't have it?

Absolutely! As with the majority of vehicle systems, steering can be improved too. In fact, adding this type of steering is one of the most popular and demanded classic car upgrades. Which comes as no surprise considering all the benefits of power steering.

However, while this is one of the most common upgrades, it is by no means DIY-able. The power steering conversion process implies changing some of the most essential car components. As such, it is a job best left to pros with ample training and experience.

Which shop does the best classic car customizing in Orange County, CA?

When it comes to classic car modifications, you want each and every one of them to be top-of-the-line, and that is only possible with experience, training, and specialized tools and methods. Which is exactly what you’re getting with Chimera Motors.

For years, we’ve been Orange County’s top classic car shop due to our undeniable quality and efficiency. Therefore, do not contend with results that are only “satisfactory”. Not when the best is readily within reach. Simply contact us today and you can ensure the prime treatment for your pride and joy.


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