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The 101s of Transmission Swaps

Transmission is not the flashy part of your car that will draw attention on the street, but it plays an essential role in the way your machine works and feels on the road. Since most people aren’t aware of the important role the transmission plays in a car’s general performance, we'll show you how changing it can transform your ride and what’s the best place to do a classic car transmission swap in Orange County, CA.

What is a transmission swap?

Simply put, a transmission swap changes the gearbox system that was built-in by your Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) into a customized version that was not included in the mass-produced serial version of your car. Transmission swap can enhance your car’s speed and the way it handles engine power. It will also give you more control and improve your overall riding experience.

Transmission swap can go both ways, but it usually involves switching from a generic automatic transmission system into a much more engaging and enjoyable manual version. A manual transmission gives that intimate feel of driving that will enable you to fully control the way your machine runs for the first time. Changing the transmission may be the easiest way to completely transform your car from a boring slushbox automatic into a ride you’d never want to get out of.

Is it possible to do a transmission swap on a classic car?

If you put your wheels in the hands of the right mechanic while you’re relaxing at the beautiful Crystal Cove, practically every car can benefit from a good transmission swap job. Automatic to manual transmission swaps are one of the first things done to most classic and tuner cars. Whether you have a vintage American ride or a newer muscle car, a transmission swap should be one of the first items on your customization list.

Some of the most popular models for transmission changes are classic American cars like a Dodge Charger, Chevy Corvette, or Ford Mustang and Japanese car brands like Honda, Nissan, or Toyota. You may think that a gearbox change is only for performance buffs or those who want to harness the extra horsepower, but you’d be surprised just how smoother and cooler the ride will feel with an automatic transmission.

How much is a full transmission swap?

If you’re looking for transmission swap deals you’ll hear different prices floating around. However, the price of doing a full transmission swap will largely depend on the specific type and model of the car. Some cars have already been customized or juiced up so in that case there might be a few more steps needed which can bring the price up a bit.

Standard transmission swap prices usually go from 1,000 bucks to 4,000. They can also cost more than $5,000 depending on the type of transmission you choose and the steps needed to get the job done. In some cars, a whole list of parts will have to be changed if you want to do a high-class job on the transmission and that may increase the price of labor. Since prices vary, it’s best to reach out to experts and get a quote.

Which place does the best classic car transmission swap in Orange County, CA?

Whether you’re bored with your factory transmission system or it just isn’t delivering the performance it did before, Chimera Motors is the best place to take care of your classic car. No matter how much things you want to customize or change, you just can’t beat our prices and the quality of service afforded. Call us today and see why we’re the number 1 choice for classic cars in Orange County.


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