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6 Tips for Buying Spare Parts for Your Classic Car

dashboard and steering wheel - 1969 Camaro air ride suspension kit

Classic car owners know too well that getting the right spare part for their vehicle can be an expensive and time-consuming affair. Often, they are left shocked after finding out the cost of such replacement parts. After the initial surprise, most car owners think of the high price as reasonable and justified. But your 1969 Camaro air ride suspension kit doesn’t have to be that much expensive.

If you do a little research and follow a few guidelines, you can save yourself thousands of dollars on spare parts.

Buy from an honest dealer

Doing business with an honest classic car shop is the number one rule if you want to ensure that you are not getting ripped off.

Whether you go to a shade-tree mechanic or nationally branded dealerships and repair centers, makes a big difference. Be aware that you may not come across a completely ethical attitude when it comes to billing for repair and other services.

However, with a little research and asking around, you can find that honest shop. Instead of purchasing your 1969 Camaro air ride suspension kit from a junkyard shop or online, you should seek an established Chevrolet dealership. Although their auto parts may be more expensive, they will save you money in the long run.

Verify the parts before buying

Before making the purchase, call the dealer to confirm the specific part number. Otherwise, any grief that arises will be of your making. There are certain parts of your classic car that are unique to your vehicle’s engine and transmission combination. For such parts, it is advisable that you purchase them in person.

Visit a self-service junkyard

If you still want to go for online hunting but it hasn’t borne fruit, try visiting the junkyard for second-hand spare parts. This is one of the cheapest options available when looking for components. A self-service junkyard allows you to bring your tools, find the part you need and remove it yourself.

Swap meets

Although it can be a hit and miss, swap meets are your best bet for finding the parts you are looking for. At swap meets, you may be able to find that rare part you have been looking for, if you’re lucky, in an excellent condition and probably at a reasonable price.

Negotiate politely

Before going out on that spare part hunt, take some time to do research on the prices of various parts in your region. Also, learn about the key features of the part before buying. This way, you will protect yourself from purchasing a 200,000-mile engine for the price of 20,000 miles.

It is always important to let the seller know that you have done your research on what you are looking for to save you both time.

Buy a parts car

Think about purchasing a parts car to serve as a donor vehicle. Opt for public-auction listings nearby with an inoperable version of your vehicle. Also, check your local newspaper’s auction section for any towing and repair companies that sell car parts in your area.

Looking for a 1969 Camaro air ride suspension kit?

Finally, when shopping for your 1969 Camaro air ride suspension kit and other components, always seek expert advice and service of a reliable classic car service company such as Chimera Motors. Our seasoned repair technicians are fully equipped to answer all your questions and provide an impeccable service.


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