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Tips for Buying Your Air Suspension Kit

1969 Chevrolet Camaro - 1969 Camaro Front Suspension Kit

The development of new technologies has many many things accessible to a wider number of consumers. This also includes air suspension systems, which were first and mainly applied in heavier vehicles such as trucks. But times have changed and this type of suspension is now widely available for cars as well.

The advantages of air suspension kits over traditional coil springs has been recognized by many automobile enthusiasts, including fans of classic cars. If you are among them and own a 69 camaro, you might want to have an air suspension kit installed yourself. Having a 1969 Camaro front suspension kit can be another reason to be proud of your precious four-wheeler. Here are some tips to read before buying.

Types of air suspension

There are three types of air suspension kits, which you should all get familiar with before making a decision.

Double-convoluted air suspension

This type of suspension got its name because of the dual airbags it contains, which are linked so they resemble an hourglass. Typically, it is used in cars with front suspension. Because it can withstand more weight and a greater load than other types of suspension, it is also still frequent is heavy-duty vehicles.

Tapered sleeve air suspension

Tapered sleeve air suspension is most frequently used is cars which have rear suspension. Unlike their counterpart, the chief purpose they serve is creating a smoother ride, characteristic of luxury cars. They enable you to make easier height adjustments in your ride.

Rolling sleeve air suspension

They are also used in automobiles which have rear suspension. Their functionality is in charge of providing a good grip of the road and improving handling. This is why they are typical for sports cars.

Pressure and height-based air suspensions

The air suspension system can be based on the height of the ride or the pressure in the tires. Knowing the difference between the two types can help you choose the correct one which will best serve your ride.

Air springs

This type of spring enables easy height adjustment in your car, due to operating as an inflatable part of the ride. It resembles a balloon and can be inflated and deflated when necessary. This depends mainly on the weight and size of load the car is carrying, so it helps in converting it into a high ride or a low ride.

Air suspension compressor

This compressor serves as a connection between the outside and the airbags in the vehicle. It is positioned on the frame of the car and its purpose includes sucking in the air and compressing it, before transferring to the airbags on the inside. Another useful part is the dryer, whose purpose is to block any moisture from finding its way to the airbags.

Best 1969 Camaro front suspension kit installation

If you are looking to have your 1969 Camaro boosted with an air suspension system, Chimera Motors knows just what you need. We appreciate the need for a better experience while riding your car and offer quality installation of air suspension kits. Your car is safe in our hands, just choose the modification you wish to make and call us.


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