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Advantages of air suspension

Chevy - 1969 Camaro air ride suspension kit

The suspension is one of the most important systems in a vehicle. It is responsible for keeping your car in control and soothing out the ride. Traditionally, metal springs were used most widely when it comes to cars. The air suspension system was first introduced in trucks, where it was mainly used because of its comfort and safe-driving properties.

However, it has since found its way into the mainstream of car industry, especially when it comes to classic cars. So if you’re thinking about having a 69 Camaro air suspension installed, you’ll be happy to know there are many advantages to it. Having a 1969 Camaro air ride suspension kit is a great way to customize your ride.

Driver comfort

Comfort is very important while driving, especially long-distance, and the suspension system is the key component which influences it. It has been noted that cars with air suspension drive easily over road bumps and are more comfortable for drivers.

Air suspension systems decrease the level of vibration, noise and harshness, which usually cause discomfort and fatigue. A smoother ride is better both for the car and the driver, especially in the long run.

Fuel efficiency

Having a smoother ride can be beneficial in more ways than one. Having an air suspension system such as a 1969 Camaro air ride suspension kit means you can adjust the height level of your ride.

As a lower ride has less wind resistance, this also means that you can decrease the fuel consumption by lowering your car. This might not seem that important but it surely is, especially when speaking about longer journey times and transporting heavy items. Such adjustability makes for easy tuning and a nice way to save money on gas.

Versatility and better handling

When you have such adaptable car, you can drive it over a variety of terrains with same efficiency. You can always adjust for feel, which means the handling will be top-notch no matter the choice.

This means that the load can always be evenly distributed, giving you a good feel of the road ahead. The 1969 Camaro air ride suspension kit will make consistency one of the key phrases when it comes to handling your car.

Longer tire life

When the distribution of vibration throughout the ride is decreased, the car components will suffer less wear and tear. The smoother suspension equals less suspension will be translated to the tires so they will last longer. One of the additional ways to extend tire life is lifting the axles which are currently not being used.

Less damage to the road

The decreased level of distributed vibrations is beneficial not only to the car itself, but also to the surrounding road. Fewer vibrations mean smaller damage to the road surfaces and bridges the car crosses along the way.

As you can see, by installing an air suspension not only will you be enjoying a comfortable ride but you will also contribute to longer road life! The results are decreased need for repairs, reduced traffic congestion and thus less pollution of the environment. What an unexpected way you can help the environment right now!

Professional 1969 camaro air ride suspension kit installation

Not only is having an air suspension system an awesome customization feat but it also has its practical advantages. If you are looking for unparalleled air ride installations services in Orange County, look no further than Chimera Motors!

We boast a team of skilled and experienced technicians who are passionate about helping you make your ride look and feel the way you want it, because sometimes a smooth ride is all you need.


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