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Everything You Wanted to Know About Pro Touring

69 Chevy Camaro - 1969 Camaro Pro Touring Suspension

The term Pro Touring is widely used today, but it originated in 1998 as a way to describe a particular 69 Camaro. This was a key marking point in the development of cars, different from the previous mainstay types of hot rods, muscle cars and Pro Street cars. The concept of Pro Touring was something to balance the car suspension and bring the experience of owning a 69 Camaro air ride to the next level.

Over time, this became the leading principle in improving the performance of a muscle car or hot rod, with the focus on the drive itself. Camaro air bag suspension kits are a great, adjustable air helper spring solution. The key ingredients in which the Pro Touring concept excels are acceleration, handling and braking. A 1969 Camaro Pro Touring suspension is just one type of this concept, which can be summed up in four categories.

Show and Go

This type of classic cars is mainly intended for the socialite circles of car fans. They are the ones who like to go to all types of car shows and enjoy following new happenings on the car scene.

The cars, ranging from 1930s hot rods to 1980s muscle cars, are very comfortable, they look cool and are great for slow cruising. Usually not intended for the racing tracks.


These are the cars that cross your mind when you think of mainstream muscle cars. They include models ranging from the mid-1960s to the late 1980s, whose suspensions are upgraded somewhat beyond the everyday basics.

Their owners are the ones who have every intention of taking part in street races and showing off the extra power and muscle hidden under the hood. There are several types of upgrades they usually have, which enable them to be great for a little street fun.

Street Fighters

Performance is the key aspect here and it comes with no compromises. These cars are not intended to look pretty and be there for showing off in salons. Their purpose is to instantly be ready to hit the streets or tracks and show the raw power.

The typical desire for comfort isn’t in focus here, it gives way to the handling capacities. Suspensions and tires are almost never the factory ones, but upgraded and adjusted for their new purpose.

ExtReme Pro Touring

This category of Pro Touring vehicles includes both cars and trucks, whose sole purpose is to show absolute dominance in sporting events. They are built and upgraded for making the best track time possible while performing at top tier happenings.

Standard suspension systems are ExtReme suspensions, but this is just a part of the aggressive overall look, which makes them fit only for a particular type of owners.

Want to have a 1969 Camaro Pro Touring suspension? Leave it to Chimera Motors!

If you are looking for expert mechanics to upgrade your 1960 Camaro with a Pro Touring suspension, look no further than Chimera Motors! We know how to handle the transition, no matter what state your ride is in. We will make sure that your classic car is fit with everything you need for a smooth ride. Call us to equip your car with awesome 1969 Camaro Pro Touring suspension – today!


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