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3D Printing: Classic Car Customizing Latest & Greatest

Imagine somebody snatched the hood ornament from your priceless classic car. Whether it was a drunken punk who had no reason other than to vandalize someone’s property or someone who sells these on Ebay, the fact is that you are left without a crucial part of your classic car that can be difficult to find and replace. Maybe you know a fellow classic car aficionado who has the same one but will not give it up for any amount.

Well, we have some lucky news.

The breakthrough of 3D printing technology will revolutionize the industry. Experts in classic car customizing in Huntington Beach say that this technology is closer than ever to being implemented and is sure to change classic car restoration forever!

3D Printers to the Rescue!

So how exactly does this work? Say that you know a fellow who has the same classic car as you do. You only need to borrow his hood ornament and scan it for 3D printing. Then you print out a plastic replica you can use as a mold. Some hours down the road and you will have a brand new hood ornament to replace the one stolen or damaged.

And if your hood ornament is damaged, 3D printing has a solution for that too. You only need to scan it, retouch and remove all the damage from the ornament digitally, after which you will get a brand new plastic mold for a new hood ornament. The best thing is that no one will ever notice the difference.

Unlimited Options

3D printing offers a variety of other options apart from replacing a simple hood ornament. Damaged classic car parts can be extremely difficult and expensive to replace. Apart from that, time is not known to be kind to parts made of rubber or plastic, which can be impossible to find and even if you do, nothing guarantees that they will be in a better shape than the ones you had. With 3D printing, you can scan the original, digitally polish it and print it with heat-resistant plastic.

If you have a broken part, glue the original, scan and remove the cracks digitally. If you are missing a door handle, you can scan the other one and reproduce a brand new one, indistinguishable from the original. If you are missing both doorknobs, you can recreate it digitally or design a brand new one, unique to you! The biggest downside is that 3D technology is not cheap, but as it develops it becomes significantly more accessible to the common folk.

Preserved for Eternity

But why stop at hood ornaments and doorknobs? Spare parts can be impossible to find, and if you damage your most priceless possession, all might be lost. However, with 3D printing getting bigger, cheaper and better every day, why not preserve your baby for years to come? Take your classic car apart and scan each and every single piece. If you ever suffer damage to any of the parts, you will be able to just print and replace it.

It is neither cheap nor easy now, but as the years pass, 3D printing will develop to the point where such feat common in popular science-fiction will be used on a daily basis. As the demand rises and constant competition further revolutionizes 3D printing, you can expect that it will become a norm and not a luxury in the years to come! Why turn every digital corner and pay insane amounts for a spare part, when you can have it lying on your flash drive, waiting to be printed.

The Premier Classic Car Restoration Huntington Beach

Chimera Motors is a full-service garage specializing in repair, restoration and service of classic cars. Our staff has years of experience, but is not afraid to embrace new technologies in order to deliver a flawless restored product and complete customer satisfaction. If you have any questions regarding what we can do for your old-timer, feel free to contact us at 714-907-0609.

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