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How to Bring the White Back To Your Whitewall Tires

If your old-timer sports whitewall tires, by now you already know how much trouble you have to go through to keep their color immaculate. Regular use can leave your car’s tires smudged and ruined by road grime and brake dust. These can be extremely difficult to remove using regular cleaning methods. Even if you’ve purchased a brand new set of tires, it can be hard to keep them looking that way for too long. The troubles can begin as soon as you remove the coating the manufacturers use to protect them. Removing the protective layer may leave your tires with a yellowish tint, which can be hard to remove.

Fortunately for you experts at Chimera Motors, the best classic car service in Orange County, have seen their fair share of stained whitewall tires and know just how to keep them impeccable. Here are some of the best tips to bring out the white in your whitewall tires back.

Smart Solutions for Deep Stains

Your first step should be using a brush or scrubbing the tires with a special pad and a whitewall cleaning solution. Unfortunately, these methods are efficient at removing surface stains like road grime and smudges, but fail to clean deeper, more thorough stains like the one in question. In this case, you might want to use a lacquer thinner and Prepsol or any other solvent. A steel wool combined with a solvent might fix the problem, but there are times when even these aren’t enough.

Stronger Methods for Persistent Blemishes

If the stain refuses to go away even after thorough cleaning, perhaps you should add some more serious weapons to your arsenal. Consider using sandpaper, wet or dry, to remove any outer layers and tints from your whitewall tires and reveal their true color underneath. Be advised that sandpaper can leave scratch marks on your tires, so we advise against using coarse sandpaper and suggest using fine sandpaper. The finer the sandpaper you use the better the results will be.

Take it Easy

Don’t despair if the stains refuse to go away and resort to brute force, as this can damage your tires permanently. Instead take it slow and do not rush the process as you don’t want to remove too much of the rubber when you use crude methods like sandpaper. When cleaning the tires make sure you don’t damage the rims and hubcaps. Have a bucket of water at your disposal to keep the tires wet while you remove the discolored outer layers carefully. If done right, the results might just surprise you.

Hire the Best Classic Car Service in Orange County

If all else fails, you can always turn to professionals for help. The expert mechanics at Chimera Motors have years of refurbishing and servicing experience when it comes to classic cars. We specialize in classic car service, restoration, repair and performance mods. With years of experience we guarantee to bring your car back to prime shape using tested and safe methods. Contact our friendly agents for any inquires or visit us and see our work for yourselves.

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