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Here are 4 Most Popular Classic Car Upgrades

Classic Car Tune-up - Classic Car Service Orange County CA

Some classic car owners believe in preserving their precious old-timers in their original state, with no extra upgrades. While these cars are usually worth the most, they are almost always stored away in a private collection or a museum and are significantly difficult to drive.

If you want to take your classic car for a spin or two around the town, you have probably already considered some new additions that will make driving easier. We’re not talking about a new paint job or a new motor, but things like updates to steering, suspension and braking systems.

The upgrades we consider to be the most common were once reserved for expensive models or muscle cars. However, today they are common in any car model and are meant to make driving easier and more enjoyable. According to our experts at the leading classic car service in Orange County, CA these are the upgrades classic car owners seek out the most:

Disc Brakes

While we admire owners who choose to keep their cars in the original condition, we also don’t judge others who want a modern braking system that can provide more safety. That is why one of the most common upgrades for classic cars is from the vintage drum brake to the modern disc brake system. While they may be pricey if your classic car is not a common model, the safety they provide is invaluable. If you are planning on adding more muscle to your engine, adding new brakes is imperative.

Power Steering

Power steering conversion makes driving your classic car incomparably easier. The price of the upgrade depends on the model of the vehicle. If your classic car was built with the power steering option in mind, the upgrade will be more affordable. However, cars that were never meant to include that option will need to have some additional work done.


Another upgrade you should seriously consider if you plan on driving your classic car regularly. Even a basic modern suspension system is going to beat your car’s stock setup. If you replace rubber bushings with polyurethane ones will probably make driving a tad more difficult, but the polyurethane elements are going to outlast rubber ones by far, which crack after a few years of use.

This upgrade will also help you handle a car with more horsepower. This upgrade will make a huge difference for your classic car, but if fabrication is required the price can be slightly higher, especially if you are sporting a less common model.


While this upgrade has nothing to do with performance, it has everything to do with comfort. If you plan on taking your car out of storage and drive it throughout the summer, having an air conditioning system is the upgrade you’ll probably be happy about the most.

The process involves adapting the stock AC system to work with modern day refrigerants. If the car is less common, building an entirely new AC system may be necessary. However, even with a new AC installed you might have a hard time cooling the car, as many of them have gaps and vents letting the hot air in.

If you are considering adding one of these upgrades to your precious old-timer contact Chimera Motors, the leading classic car service in Orange County, CA. You can reach out to our friendly agents at 714-907-0609 for any questions you may have.

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