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Overview of 65 Impala Air Ride Suspension Installation

65 Impala Air Ride Install

Air suspension systems are really proving to be a craze in this day and age. Air suspension represents a great way of reinventing the look of your car, with added benefits. Not only does it help make your ride more up to date, but it also brings with it a great level of customization and adaptability.

Air ride suspensions are being used in almost any type of vehicle, including hot rods, SUVs, trucks and custom lowriders. This also includes a 65 Impala air ride, which can turn this classic beauty into a high-performance drive. In this article, we bring you a simple overview of what, why and how regarding a 65 Impala air ride install.

Why upgrade your 1965 Impala?

The 65 Chevy Impala is a classic car, beloved by many car enthusiasts, which needs no particular introduction. However, it is probably not the first car which comes across your mind when you think of a high performance vehicle. Luckily, all this can be changed with a single upgrade of the air suspension kit.

Air ride can really transform the Impala into an improved vehicle with modern suspension instead of the traditional one. The drive can be made so it decreases the unnecessary load on the suspension, giving you a balanced distribution of weight and great control. Opting for a 65 Impala air ride install will give you excellent results.

Selecting and installing an air suspension system

In order to have best results from the installation, you need to select the right air suspension kit for your vehicle. The best way to be certain of the choice is to leave it to the professionals who will guide you through the process. There are such kits for almost any type of car, including a 65 Impala, so no need to worry.

The key question apart from the make and model is what it’s used for. The way an owner drives a car determines which exact components need to be installed for a maximum effect. Different needs entail different parts.

Another thing to keep in mind is the weight of the car. The volume of the vehicle affects the size of the tank, while the type of springs used are defined by the overall layout of the car.

The process of installation includes removing the original front springs or coils with air springs. When it comes to the rear part, it is dependent of the type of suspension. An air spring can replace a coil spring or be put in the midst of a leaf spring pack with several leaf springs removed. Also, there is a fabricated four-link option which includes air springs instead of coilovers in the rear.

Having an onboard compression system is usually the way to control the level of inflation in the airbag system. This is when the customizing aspect really comes to shine, so you can choose how to set your ride. Professional assistance is the right way to go, because it ensures proper selection and installation of an air suspension kit.

Best 65 Impala air ride install at your disposal

We at Chimera Motors understand the need for an awesome, high-performance car. Taking the load off your 65 Impala and making it into an easily controllable beast on the road is the dream of every owner. With the right air suspension kit, we can help you achieve that. Get the best 65 impala air ride install!


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