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Air Suspension: What You Need to Know

Is there anything so satisfying as cruising in your car, without a worry on your mind? Enjoying serene vistas at every turn, open road ahead, and wind behind your back – truly a magnificent experience. Nothing comes even close to that feeling. Except for one thing: doing the same with Orange County’s best air suspension in your car.

This single upgrade can enhance every aspect of your driving experience. From improving speed and handling to decreasing fuel usage and tire wear. However, since it is a big change, it’s always good to know some things about air suspension beforehand.

Can you adjust air suspension while driving

Can you adjust air suspension while driving?

In short: yes. You can adjust air suspension while driving. Modern air suspension systems have various settings that allow the driver to manipulate them at any given time. And with extreme ease, at that, since all you have to do is press a button on the control board.

However, before you do so, you need to know exactly what’s happening when you’re adjusting air suspension. Essentially, what air suspension does is two things:

  1. You’re adjusting the ride height of your vehicle and;

Therefore, you’re effectively changing the way your car works and behaves. But, this also begs the following question.

Should you adjust air suspension while driving?

This can be a bit disappointing but adjusting air suspension while the vehicle is in motion isn’t recommended. Manipulating air suspension settings changes the way your car behaves and reacts to road conditions. Even if you know your car perfectly well, you can never know the road the same way. Therefore, you cannot predict, with certainty, how your car is going to react to this change.

In fact, while the system is adjusting, steering and cornering can be quite difficult. Furthermore, in extreme cases, such as poor road conditions or quality, your car can become virtually unresponsive. Needless to say, this carries many risks.

So, until you have ample experience, it’s better not to change air suspension settings mid-drive.

Can you go fast on air suspension?

Most definitely yes! Not only can you go fast – you can actually race and drift with air suspension. And this is not just a say-so. Air suspension has been used in race cars since the 1950s. And today many professional race car drivers confirm this fact over and over again (Cody Miles, anyone?).

Air suspension lets you change and improve the core stats of your car. Primarily: aerodynamics and center of gravity. In other words, installing air suspension improves virtually every aspect of driving.

Improved aerodynamics allows for:

  • Increased speed and;

  • Better acceleration.

At the same time, lowering the center of gravity allows for:

  • Quicker stops and;

  • Better handling in corners.

In short, air suspension will improve how your car handles at higher speeds. However, these are only some of the many benefits of air suspension. There are many more that will improve your overall driving experience.

Can you go fast on air suspension

Make your ride even better with the best Orange County air suspension provider

Do you want to make your ride more comfortable? Do you want even more security while you’re cruising the streets of Orange County? If you answered yes then opting for an air suspension system is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your car. And when you’re looking for Orange County's best air suspension, you need not look further than Chimera Motors. With years of experience in car modification and modernization, we are the prime choice for anyone looking to improve their vehicle. Contact us today and treat yourself to a ride you’ll love every minute of.


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