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Things to Know Before Installing Air Suspension

Chances are, you already heard a lot about air suspension, its benefits, and how they improve your ride. And, how could you not? After all, this “trend” is gaining popularity by the day, as more and more people recognize its good sides.

Yet, most people never get round to installing it. Mostly because they think it requires heavy modifications to their car, with a lot of welding, cutting, and hammering. The truth is: the prerequisites for installing air suspension aren’t nearly as extreme. So, let’s see how you can improve your ride before you start looking for the best air ride suspension Orange County can offer.

What is needed for air suspension?

Contrary to popular belief – not much! To reap the benefits of air suspension you only need three things:

  1. A working car (obviously);

  2. An air suspension kit, and;

  3. A good mechanic to put those two together.

Yes, it’s that simple. In some cases, you don’t even need a mechanic. You can install an air suspension kit, albeit a basic one, by yourself. However, advanced systems do require some changes to the frame of your car. Therefore, it’s best to leave this kind of modification to an experienced professional.

Can you install air suspension on any car?

Absolutely! Any car, new or old, modern or vintage, can harness the amazing power of air suspension. The only variables will be:

  • The method of installment and;

  • Components included in the kit.

This brings us to the next point.

Which components are there in the air suspension system?

The contents of an air suspension kit will vary based on the type of your vehicle. That said, there are some essential components, that are a part of every system:

  • Air compressor;

  • Air tank;

  • Solenoid valve blocks;

  • Height sensor;

  • Air bags;

  • Wiring and air lines;

  • A controller.

Other components and methods of installment will vary, depending on what you aim to gain from the system. That’s why it’s important to gather valid info about the air suspension system, before going through with the modification.

Does air suspension need shocks?

Shock absorbers are a crucial part of any suspension system, air suspension included. Although some say that you can do without them, not installing them is a big mistake. Unless you like feeling every bump and imperfection in the road with every bone in your body.

What do shocks do?

The majority of people think that shocks serve to support the weight of the vehicle. This is a common misconception. Shock absorbers do two things:

  1. Control the movement of springs and suspension;

  2. Keep tires on the road at all times.

In other words, they improve the stability of your vehicle, as well as handling during acceleration, turning, and breaking. Without them, your car would act like a ping-pong ball after every bump. Needles to say, this would make it virtually uncontrollable and extremely unsafe to drive. Therefore, it’s an amazing idea to install shocks, alongside air suspension. In conjunction, these two will provide for a smooth and safe driving experience.

Where to get the best air ride suspension in Orange County?

If you’re looking for the best air ride suspension Orange County can offer, you need not look further than Chimera Motors. Located just a short ride from Huntington Central Park, our shop is the prime place where your vintage car can get the care it deserves. Get in touch with us today, and set the wheels in motion for a smooth ride for years to come.


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