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Air Ride Technologies C10: Suspension Upgrades and Mods

Upgrading an automobile’s suspension is a surefire way to enhance its handling and improve its comfort levels dramatically. If you’re looking to upgrade your Chevy C10 air suspension, whether you’re a regular driver or a classic Chevy enthusiast, there are many ways you can mod your oldtimer’s air ride technologies C10. Before you go looking for an air suspension shop close to you, read on to learn what to search for and what to avoid!

Air Ride Technologies C10

Anti-Roll/Sway Bars

The steel rod that connects the opposite sides of the rear or front air suspension in your C10 is called the anti-roll bar, or a sway bar. It serves as a torsion spring that comes into play when the car is cornering - especially at high speed - by helping stabilize the automobile’s chassis.

Upgraded sway bars are thicker than normal ones, which means they’re harder to twist and therefore are better at keeping the Chevy flat. The installation is simple and some anti-roll bars are even adjustable. In fact, some are so easily installed, you may not even have to remove the wheels to do it!

Better shock absorbers

The simplest shock absorbers are called tube-shocks. When it comes to air ride technologies C10, they’re usually found at the rear suspension. Replacing them with a heavy-duty alternative is always a wise choice.

There are also the McPherson struts. These are normally found on the front suspension, although in cars that boast an independent rear suspension McPherson struts can also be located in the rear. With these struts, both the shock absorber and the springs are upgradeable.

An enthusiast can create a truly personalized driving experience by fine-tuning the shocks and the springs to attain a perfect balance of handling vs “feeling the road.” This can sound complicated, but the opposite is true. The firmness of certain shocks models can even be adjusted from within the car’s cabin by using an electric solenoid!

Upgrades for Air Ride Technologies C10

The last half-century has brought us many improvements in the field of cars' air suspension. This, of course, applies to classic car restoration as well. Nowadays, you can find all-in-one rear or front suspension replacements that are essentially “plug and play” as far as old cars are concerned.

These new suspensions bring anything from coil-over springs and shocks, enhanced suspension pieces, and top-of-the-line steering racks. They’re especially famous among muscle car owners, who use them to easily equip their trusty 70s oldtimers with modern transmissions and engines.

Upgradeable air ride technologies C10 near me

Looking to upgrade your Chevy’s air suspension? Or are you more interested in preserving that “old car” feel? Whatever your needs, Chimera Motors is here for you! We are Orange County’s premier classic car restoration company. Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff will gladly answer any other inquiries you may have about your beloved Chevy. Call us at 714-907-0609 today! We’re eager to help you get the air suspension that best fits your preferences!


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