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Air Suspension FAQs: Air Suspension Shop Near Me

air suspension shop near me

Air suspension is a vehicle suspension type powered by a compressor or air pump, which could be engine-driven or electric. Finding a “trustworthy air ride shop near my location” is the initial step to having this suspension type instead of the usual steel springs installed in your passenger car. The main purpose of air suspension is to provide smooth, constant ride quality, but in certain cases it’s also used for sport-tuned suspension. Here are some things you should know about air springs before you go searching for an “air suspension shop near me”, which should help you make an informed decision and get the best upgrade for your car!

What exactly is an air spring or airbag?

They are exactly the same thing - a spring made of rubber and high-strength plastic. It comes in numerous sizes, styles, and capacity ratings. A vehicle’s ride height and load capacity are dependent on the air pressure in the air spring.

Will adding air suspension make my vehicle ride less roughly?

You bet! Air springs are specifically designed to help fatigued springs ride smoothly and to improve ride quality when carrying great loads. Air springs go hand-in-hand with large trucks and can do a lot to improve their ride.

Is the Weight Rating of my car increased by the addition of air suspension?

The weight ratio (GVWR, GCWR, GAWR) is unaffected by the addition of air springs. Air suspension merely increases the suspension’s ability to support heavy loads.

Do air springs have to be kept inflated at all times?

They do. There’s a recommended minimum air pressure that should be maintained even if the vehicle isn’t loaded. This way, the air suspension stays “in shape” and is able to perform without wearing down. Just like tire pressure, the air springs pressure should be checked periodically.

Do varying loads such as luggage, passengers, trailer, etc. affect the ride height?

Yes. In this case, all you need to do is increase the air pressure until the ride height is at a satisfactory level. Once the load is gone, you can restore your ride height by releasing the air pressure.

Are air springs that are installed at an air suspension shop near me durable?

Properly installed and maintained air springs can last more or less forever, which is good news for classic car owners. You only have to make sure to regularly check the pressure. Or, if you don’t have the time to do that, you can install an on board air compressor system that will maintain it for you.

Do I have to install an on board air compressor system when I buy air suspension?

No, but it sure makes life easier! Having an on-board air compressor enables you to deflate and inflate your air pressure without having to get out of the car or visit service stations equipped with air pumps. Certain air compressors can even make automatic adjustments - all while driving!

How do I find the best air suspension shop near me?

So, tired of searching for an “air suspension shop near me” that actually deserves customer loyalty? Had enough rough rides and want to get in on that wonderful smooth riding that only air springs can provide? Here at Chimera Motors, we’re eager to make your wish come true! Call 714-907-0609 today, and let our polite and knowledgeable technicians revitalize your beloved car with a shiny new air suspension!

air suspension shop near me


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