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Air Suspension or Standard Coil Springs: Which Is Better?

air suspension kits for cars

It's wasn't long ago that all air suspension kits for cars relied on coil springs to provide a smooth ride. Nowadays, technology has progressed beyond that and most vehicles rely on the more modern air springs. That being said, the industry hasn't abandoned coil springs. Modern coils are capable of mimicking most of the performance-boosting properties of their air spring competitors. You’re probably thinking “I need to find the best air ride shop near me to help me decide between the two options”. We wanted to help out too so you would get the best upgrade for your car, so we jotted down the pros and cons of these two suspension types.

The benefits of air suspension kits for cars

There's no question about it, properly set air springs offer a smoother overall experience. Air is adjustable and compressible, which enables it to cope better with different types of terrain. This is due to the air's ability to more effectively absorb the road's energy.

Furthermore, air suspension kits are easier to use because they're adjustable. They enable you to adjust the stiffness and the height of your car to fit your preferences. If you install an on-board air compression system, you will even be able to make these adjustment from the comfort of your vehicle.

Air suspension kits for cars also improve the carrying capacity of your vehicle. By lifting your car, you can make up for any additional weight in the passenger or cargo area. This keeps your car level while you travel and decreases the risk of rear-end sag and bottoming out. It also reduces the stress on your tires, which makes the tires last longer and deteriorate less. However, air suspension does have a few drawbacks. The main one is that air suspension parts wear and break down faster than others.

What about coilover suspension kits?

Coils adjust the height of your vehicle through the use of traditional coil springs. Some kits can raise your vehicle's height, while others will improve its performance by decreasing its stance. In addition, they will increase your vehicle's carrying and towing capacity and help support it.

Unfortunately, coilovers aren't as versatile as air springs because they only use springs to attain a smooth ride. It's possible to switch out the coils to adjust the ride height or improve the performance, but it's not nearly as simple as it is with an on-board air compression system. Overall, the big benefit of coilover suspension kits over air springs rests in their greater durability.

So which suspension should I choose?

Both coilover and air suspension kits provide excellent performance and will fulfill the needs of most drivers. If you're looking for a long-lasting, durable kit, choose coilovers. If you prefer a smoother ride, plus an ability to easily adjust the ride height and stiffness of your car, install an air suspension kit.

The best place to get air suspension kits for cars

Whether you choose the modern air springs or the more traditional coilovers, you can't go wrong with Chimera Motors! We are one of California's most trusted companies specializing in maintenance and restoration of classic cars. Visit our shop, or reach out to us at 714-907-0609. Our team of experts will happily answer all your questions and properly install the suspension of your choice in your trusty oldtimer.


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