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Maintenance Tips for Your 64 Chevy C10

classic car - 64 chevy c10 air suspension

Chevrolet has been a household name for many years and it is known for the reliability and tradition. Chevy owners are proud of their beauties, whether they have a car or a sturdy truck. These vehicles will serve any owner if taken proper care of, and this is also true for a 64 Chevy C10 Air Ride.

A 64 Chevy C10 truck is well worth the money and time to properly store and use it. If you properly maintain your 64 Chevy C10 air suspension, you will be rewarded with a sweet, smooth ride. If you want your vehicle to be a part of your car park for a long time, there are some of the maintenance tips you should adhere to.

Change oil regularly

This one might be obvious, but a regular oil change is necessary for a long car life. There are various kinds, and this is where you shouldn’t save your money, rather choose the best. Read about the recommended time for an oil change, because it depends on the model and the age. When changing the oil, it is also best to change the filters for older models.

Rotate the tires

One advice which could be important depending on the way you use your truck is to use the moment of oil change for rotating the tires. Since they usually don’t wear evenly, this will ensure an equal wear on all four and make for a smoother ride. It will also make the time you need to change the tires themselves more apparent.

Balance the tires

When changing the tires, it is also good to have them balanced. This means that their weight is equally distributed around the corresponding axles. If this is not the case, your 64 Chevy C10 Air suspension might get damaged due to potholes and vibrations on the road.

Check the battery

The battery is a really important part of a car, and you need to have it checked regularly and replaced accordingly. The damage on the battery depends on the weather conditions and the way you drive your car, but regular inspection by a certified technician is mandatory.

Check the lights

Lights are easy to replace and not a big problem. However, if they aren’t checked regularly, you could miss a larger problem hiding behind them, such as electrical or other serious issues. It is best to keep a spare fuse at hand, so there is no need for a tow service in order to avoid large fines.

Check the air conditioning system

This applies especially during the summer season, when a functional air conditioning system is essential for a smooth drive. However, it can come handy during cold days as well, when you need to warm up the cold feet of all your fellow passengers.

Check the windshield wipers

Apart from lights, windshield wipers are the most important visual aspect for the autumn and winter days before us. They need to be functional and efficient, so any foggy or damp weather doesn’t hinder your drive.

Want to have your 64 Chevy C10 air suspension restored? Call Chimera Motors

If you have just bought a beautiful 64 Chevy C10 Air Ride which hasn’t been properly maintained and want to have it restored, Chimera Motors will do all the work for you. From basic car body repairs to restoring your 64 Chevy C10 air suspension, call us to schedule an appointment. Remember, a safe ride is the most important thing.


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