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5 Common Questions About EFI Conversions

Did a word about something called "EFI" reach you? Maybe, something along the lines: "It is awesome for your classic car"? Or, perhaps: "Oh, it is as economical as they say?" And now you don't know what to make of it?

Are those praises justified? Why do recreational and pro drivers love it so much? Should you go out of your way and get your classic car to an Orange County EFI conversion shop for an upgrade? Stay tuned, because we'll give you a quick breakdown of switching to EFI and what you stand to gain from it. Read on.

What is an "EFI"?

"EFI" stands for "Electronic Fuel Injection". EFI replaces the carburetor with a modern electronic system that uses a computer and sophisticated sensors to control fuel delivery to the engine. This results in a better efficiency but, also, increases the overall performance of a vehicle.

What is an "EFI Conversion"?

EFI Conversion simply refers to the process of replacing a carburetor of a car with an EFI system. This is why it is also called Carb-to-EFI conversion. In most cases, the procedure entails:

  • Dismantling and removing the carburetor, as well as all the components of the old fuel intake system;

  • Installing an EFI system, including injectors, throttle body, and sensors;

  • Configuring the Electronic Control Module (ECM);

  • Testing and fine-tuning the system.

Granted, this is a gross oversimplification. Still, it goes to show that EFI conversion is more than pulling an old switcheroo. And here’s where most vintage car owners go for a bonus question.

Should I try to do EFI conversion myself?

To be blunt: no. EFI conversion is a process that requires ample mechanical knowledge, specialized tools, and a whole lot of finesse. Especially when it comes to configuring the system. Therefore, it is best not to practice your mechanical skills on this, most essential, part of your vehicle.

Can EFI conversion be done on a classic car?

Virtually any vintage ride can be improved with this upgrade. All it takes is an adequate EFI conversion kit and a knowledgeable mechanic to make it all go smoothly. This is also the reason why Carb-to-EFI is one of the first upgrades classic car owners do.

Will EFI conversion improve my ride?

Significantly so. With EFI you’ll see an increase in performance, whether you’re racing or just using your car for a ride down to Crystal Cove State Park. While it does not increase horsepower directly, an EFI System has a host of other benefits. Some of them include:

  • Better fuel efficiency (by up to 25%);

  • Increased engine power, torque, and throttle response;

  • Better starting in any weather;

  • Improved eco-friendliness by reducing pollutant emissions.

Now, this isn't a full list, by any means. Still, it is more than enough to see how EFI is one of the best upgrades, both for your car and your wallet.

How much does an EFI conversion cost?

There are many factors that go into this calculation, including:

  • The labor, and materials needed to make the upgrade;

  • External services (machining of parts, welding, etc.);

  • The time needed to set up and fine-tune the system.

However, the biggest chunk out of your wallet will go on an EFI conversion kit. This is why it is highly advisable to consult with your EFI conversion specialist before buying. The last thing you need is to get a kit and then realize it will take more money to fit it in than it did to buy it.

What’s the best place in Orange County for EFI conversion?

If you're looking for a place that can provide the best treatment for your classic ride - you've found it! Chimera Motors is Orange County's leader for everything related to vintage car maintenance, restoration, and upgrading.

Whether you want an EFI conversion, or to give your pride and joy a full makeover, all you need to do is give us a call. With years of experience, ample training, and all the right tools, we'll ensure your classic is the talk of the town for years to come.


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