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4 Facts About Installing EFI on Your Classic Ride

Whether to change something on a classic ride is always a tough decision, especially when that "something" is an essential part of a car. Sometimes, there's just no telling if the said change would be an upgrade or a downgrade.

However, if we're talking about upgrading to EFI, that concern is NOT justified. In fact, scheduling an Orange County EFI conversion service just might be the best thing you can do for your classic car. Here are some facts to back that claim.

Fact 1: EFI is the new standard

Well, actually, it's not that "new". EFI has been the golden standard for a good three decades now, and for a good reason. EFI is superior to the carburetor in every way. From fuel economy to reliability to engine power - EFI boosts virtually every aspect of your engine.

Granted, carburetors still work and some still prefer them. But, the simple fact is: they are obsolete. And that's why the last one seen leaving the assembly line in the US was way back in 1990.

Fact 2: With EFI, you’re getting the most out of your engine

Most think that converting to EFI increases the horsepower of an engine. While there is some truth to that, most of it is a myth. However, what EFI does do (and extremely well, at that) is that it optimizes how the engine works. And, the best thing is it does it on the fly. By continuously adapting to driving conditions, EFI manages to bring up to 10% more functional power out of your car’s engine.

Fat 3: EFI requires less maintenance than a carburetor

Now, this may seem a bit unreal. After all, EFI is a much more complicated system than a carburetor. Nevertheless - it is true. The complicated thing with EFI is installation and that initial tuning.

And, that's about it. After that, the computer inside the system will re-tune itself as necessary. In a way, EFI "learns" and adapts to your driving style, so it always delivers exactly the amount of fuel needed.

Fact 4: EFI is an amazing choice if you’re driving frequently

Without getting too technical, EFI fine-tunes how much air and fuel reaches the engine. This, in turn, leads to optimized consumption, ignition timing, and torque output. In other words, with this conversion, your vintage ride will become more economical, responsive, and reliable.

If you're a person who's driving daily, this upgrade will be a godsent. Your ride will become noticeably smoother. Whether you're driving a few blocks over to work, or all the way from Anaheim to Doheny Beach, you'll feel that change EFI brings.

And, of course, the thing everyone pays attention to – fuel consumption. Driving daily with EFI allows you to make far fewer fuel stops along the way, which is always an amazing thing. Even more so today, when fuel prices are at an all-time high, without any signs of dropping soon.

Where to find Orange County’s best EFI conversion service?

Fact: When modernizing a classic car, you want everything to go without a hitch. And that is only possible if the team handling the upgrade has ample experience, expertise, and adequate equipment.

Fact: There's no better place in Orange County, CA, to do a Carb-to-EFI conversion than Chimera Motors. Not only do we meet all of the above criteria - we excel at what we do. For years, we've been California's number 1 shop for everything classic car-related.

From the smallest repair to the largest modification, from detailing to a full-on restoration - we can do it all. Get in touch with us today and we'll bring your vintage ride into the modern age.


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