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Routine Maintenance for Your Classic Car's Upholstery and Fabric

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Having a classic car is a pretty good reason to be happy, but even more if you keep it in top shape. This requires regular routine maintenance for keeping the best possible look. In the case of upholstery and fabric, there are several things to keep in mind. For best classic car service Orange Country, think about calling the professionals to do the job for you.

Regular maintenance

Apart from the cleaning process, your classic car requires you to invest a regular, ongoing effort. For keeping the interior features looking great, you need to prevent dirt and debris from gathering. Regardless of whether you drive the car regularly or keep it parked in the garage, particles of dirt can accumulate on the seats.

These debris particles can sometimes have rough edges which can damage the upholstery. This is why taking a dry cloth and running it over the leather and vinyl parts is recommendable. Make sure the cloth is clean and, for additional effect, use a light whisk broom or upholstery vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning the leather and vinyl components

There are special products designed for cleaning leather and vinyl upholstery and they are the best choice. Some people go for a homemade solution that can be made by combining neutral soap with warm water.

Once again, a soft cloth is important. The solution should never be applied directly onto the leather and vinyl, but only on the cloth. Use enough of the cleaning solution, but when the scrubbing is done, be sure to remove the excess moisture. This can be done with a soft, dry towel.

Cleaning the fabric

The fabric is very sensitive and requires extra care. One good advice is to have a square piece of fabric identical to the one in your car. It can then be used for testing cleaning products before applying them in the car. Otherwise, picking a spot not instantly visible is also a good idea.

A stain needs to be removed as quickly and carefully as possible from the fabric. This is done by applying an approved cleaner, designed to remove specific stains. Again, the excess should be removed with a clean towel. Using water-based solutions is not recommended, because it can weaken and discolor the fabric.


Many classic car fans and owners love to take care about every detail, making sure the car is spotless. There are plenty of details which can require your attention and only a pro will know where to look. Leaving the auto detailing to a professional once a month will have an extra effect on your regular maintenance and wiping. They can spot and take care of upholstery and other issues quickly and effectively.

Best classic car service Orange County has to offer

Chimera Motors specializes in classic cars and offers a range of services. Our expertise in the field of classic car maintenance is a guarantee your four-wheeler will receive the best care available.


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